3 Simple Things (People Ignores) That Make Women Happy

There are just some points in life when we, women, feel crushed, squeezed, down and  drained. Relationship arguments and break ups, work related stress, and even our selves may cause us to break down and cry. However, no matter how big and destructive these storms are, we can pull our selves back together, stand up, fight back and start all over again. Recovering from a disaster doesn't require massive, complicated and hard to find solutions. These solutions are actually very common, just lying around and easy to find people just tend to ignore. FOOD, SHOPPING and RELATIONSHIPS may just be simple things but they
create so much joy, relief and comfort to every girls and women out there.

No doubt. It's proven and guaranteed. FOOD can bring back that twinkle in your eyes, and glow in your smile. Whenever we are pissed and furious that we feel like murdering someone in 15 different ways, it only takes a piece of a yummy cupcake, a box of chocolate, a plateful of salad or a cup of ice cream can soothe the burning fire inside us. Believe me.

Not only does food calms the storm in us but also SHOPPING does. I swear to this! Every time I feel tired, stressed and lonely, buying even just a single lipstick does makes me happy. Haha! I am certain many of you my readers agree to this. When you feel mad or sad, you will surely purchase that tote bag, glittering heels, elegant dress or that yummylicious lipstick that's been popping on your news feed. And there's no other better feeling you've ever felt after you've done that purchase. By the way, ZALORA Philippines is one awesome site to shop from when you're in the Philippines. They've got everything that would surely make every woman happy. 

A shopping site of happiness.

Lastly but not limited to, a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with our family and friends, and of course with our Heavenly Father, also does help a lot. A friend to talk to, A sister, a brother, mom and dad are people who never leave our sides during hard times. We spent our ups and downs with them and they just complete our happy life. A simple sincere prayer as well heals no matter how deep our wounds are.

So, who says happiness is expensive? Who says women are complicated?  Only three simple things make us happy. So hurry up and get us those precious presents. ^_______________^