Dazzle Your Valentines Day

Dazzle Your Valentine’s Day

No, it is not easy to glow up on the day when you have so much on your mind going on. Not only you need to decide what exactly are you going to gift your lover on Valentine’s Day and what exactly are you going to say to her. Uttering out coherent and not inconsistent words is something extremely difficult for the youngsters to do. But, wait up, a radiant dazzling and glittering personality can save from a lot of other stuff because a good makeup actually make-up for your lost incomplete personality. Therefore, spending some time to find out the
right makeup accessories is totally worth it. Moreover, in the third world countries like Cambodia where choices are very little, you actually have to go out and hunt for the beauty products that you will not find in ordinary stores otherwise. Kaymu.com.kh is one of the leading online marketplaces in Cambodia that can help you decide for the right kind of beauty products.

 Choosing a blush and a base powder
A crucial yet not-so-difficult thing is to put the right amount of base powder on your face and a blush that can just give your face a reasonable glow. Neither it should be too sunny nor too dim but just the perfect amount. This will help you shimmer even in the candle-lit date and will also not outshine the popping sun.

A jaunty eyeliner
There is no doubt that you need to be as flamboyant as you can get. In order to achieve that high echelons of beautification, you need to lift your eyes up as if this is the moment you have been waiting for your entire year or at least that day. Not that you should appear desperate or tired but just keen enough to look afresh. You also need a right mascara for your long, dense and shady eyelashes. You should start by curling your lashes and then slowly move on the longer ends. However, if you want to make your lashes look longer and separate then you might need to apply three layers of mascara before moving on.

The curvy lips
You need to get rid of the formidable intimidating red-colored bright lipstick and just pick a light natural color lipstick that can adjust with your lips easily. You need to make sure that your lips remain kissable. A soft blur or berry color will be the right choice to make.

The stranded hair
Stranded hair can easily ruin your entire Valentine’s Day. So, make sure to get rid of them. No, no one is asking to shave your head off but just make sure that you straighten your hair properly.

            The above makeup tips might be little unorthodox but we want to make sure that the most important day of your life does not go to waste. A little time spend on your beauty tips is worth it. 


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