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Where to Find Filipino Halo-Halo in Phnom Penh

It's the summer season in the tropics and Cambodia is not an exception to that. Weather forecast says Cambodia should prepare for these coming hot days as temperature may rise up to 36 degrees Celsius. That surely is insanely hot specially for people who came from cool places like me. Nevertheless, here's a sweet treat to beat the summer heat.
Halo-halo is a traditional Filipino dessert or treat most Filipinos crave for during this hot season. "Halo-halo" means mix-mix because this recipe is literally a mixture of ingredients and you have to make "halo-halo" or mix them altogether before enjoying it's

The Embassy: an Ambassador's Fine Dining Haven

Where Every Diner is an Ambassador
A visit to one of the world's heritage sites, the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia,must not only please your eyes but please your appetite as well. Located within the city's central at Kings Road Angkor Village is the Embassy Restaurant. 
Claimed as a restaurant that's no like other and a part of the AngkorW Group of Restaurants, Embassy Restaurant offers an exclusive fine dining experience that's served by two talented and skilled chefs called the Kimsan Twins.Equipped with their wide experience and training, they prepare and serve a seasonal Khmer gastronomical menu that'll surely satisfy everybody's appetite.

Included in our Siem Reap adventure itenirary, yours truly and Dean of Watwatworld had the chance to take delight in their surely delectable menu.
Tired and exhausted from his Thailand trip, we fetched Dean from his hotel then

The Women Force of Cambodia

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and the women of Cambodia aren’t behind in celebrating this day with the passion that it deserves. This is the day when women celebrate their lives and their accomplishments. For any society, a woman is a vital part, without her, the community will come shattering down. Hence, 8th March is celebrated in honor of all these women who have kept the pillars of the society strong. The day comes with a number of events, gifts and television programs just for women. Shops bring special Women’s Day related items in store and these can be bought in malls as well as online. has a number of gift items that can be brought for the women in your life as well. So, other than presents, on this special day, let us hear more about some of the prominent women of Cambodia.

Women Who Built Cambodia:
Although, women have been struggling for equal rights in Cambodia today, there still are many women who rebel their way to the front. Many a wome…