The Women Force of Cambodia

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and the women of Cambodia aren’t behind in celebrating this day with the passion that it deserves. This is the day when women celebrate their lives and their accomplishments. For any society, a woman is a vital part, without her, the community will come shattering down. Hence, 8th March is celebrated in honor of all these women who have kept the pillars of the society strong. The day comes with a number of events, gifts and television programs just for women. Shops bring special Women’s Day related items in store and these can be bought in malls as well as online. has a number of gift items that can be brought for the women in your life as well. So, other than presents, on this special day, let us hear more about some of the prominent women of Cambodia.

Women Who Built Cambodia:

Although, women have been struggling for equal rights in Cambodia today, there still are many women who rebel their way to the front. Many a women can be considered as the ones that founded Cambodia, and without them maybe the country would have crumbled down. Despite that, even today there is a great lack of ladies in politics as well as business. However – here is a surprising fact: the past of the state tells us of some great women – those that ruled and were ahead of men.

One such super-woman from the past is “Soma”, who ruled the kingdom in 613 AD, before the famous King Jayavarman VII came into power. Soma was not only the ruler of the kingdom, but also
a brave and fearless chief of military who led her army into a number of battles. These wars were fought against the outside force that wanted to invade her land. With her great rule, Soma kept her kingdom united and strong against the opposing forces. Other than her fearless personality, Soma is also known for conserving the culture and caring for her people.

Following her kingdom’s defeat, Soma married an Indian leader named Hun Tean. However, even during his rule, she made sure that that culture of Cambodia was kept safe. While Hun Tean stared trade with other countries in Cambodia, the culture remained intact. Following Soma’s rule, women remained strong and had a number of important roles to play during the rule of King Jayavarman VII as well. His wife, Queen Indradevi was a big influence and played a great part in grooming the Cambodian civilization. She worked for women education and their leadership in different fields. She herself was a highly educated woman and also a teacher and a scholar.

Women of Cambodia Today:

Over the years, the importance of Khmer women stared to decline and fade out. The glorious past of women in the state was going down in the ashes, until the new generation took a step to improve it. Today, women are rising at prominent positions in every field. There is a society by the name of Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association as well, which has around 150 members. Women like Navy Heng are keen on making a change and bringing back the former glory. Salute to all these brave women of Cambodia!


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