Waiters on the Run ( course de garçons de café)

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Siem Reap, Cambodia-
Angkor W Restaurant Collection is proud to be organizing the 2015 Waiters’ Race (course de garçons de café) in celebration of Bastille Day (France’s National Day) on the 14th of July, beginning and ending at King’s Road Angkor Village, Siem Reap.

The origin of the waiters’ race (course de garcons de café) began in France and races were designed to improve the recognition of the waiter’s profession in Paris. The concept is very simple: waiters have to
race as fast as possible holding a loaded tray while avoiding spilling its contents. We aim to create a fun event for the hospitality community that motivates waiters and waitresses to showcase their talents through friendly competition. Last year’s race attracted 80 competitors from a wide range of Siem Reap based businesses. 

The race starts at 4:30pm with all contestants wearing their own working uniform. Competitors will balance a loaded tray while racing through the 1.3km course that goes around the Pub Street/ Old Market area of central Siem Reap. Contestants will be timed on both speed and balance as any spillage results in a penalty being added to their overall time. Challengers will not be allowed to refill or change the contents of their tray during the race. 

Angkor W would like to officially welcome all the public and prospective participants to come and enjoy the entertainment on the day.
Contestant registration is $7 p.p. (includes a souvenir T-shirt) and participants must be from the hospitality service industry.

Register before July 11, 2015, contact:
Clemy P. Balasoto
PR & Communication Manager