The Beauty Trend Every Asian Women is Crazy About

Asia has also created their beauty trends that basically, all Asian women are going crazy about. Generally, most Asian beauty trends are opposite with the West's. One of them is white, porcelain skin which is a no-no to the West who appreciates tanned skin the most. Talking about facial features, Asian girls and women toss away the beauty feature that every Western women aim and envy from Angelina Jolie-Pitt, the strong square jaws.

So, what do the chinky women crave for? Animated V-shaped face! Yep, they want this tiny face with smooth jaws and sharp chins. The same face shape anime characters have. They prefer this face shape because it's more feminine looking and soft in contrast with the square jaws that appear strong and masculine.

Because of this trend, so much methods had been developed to

achieve this, from pricey surgeries to cheap alternatives. Of course, not everyone could afford going under the knife and here's one practical way to achieve that without spending a fortune (and risk).

Presenting to you TheSecret V-Line Face Belt.

Now what is this thing? It's basically a belt used on
the face to slim down the cheeks, jaw and chin. If Kim Kardashian uses waist trainers for a hourglass shape waist, this V-line face belt is used to train facial muscles to a V shape. Basically just the same concept.

Here's a short video clip on how to use it. Enjoy!

You can purchase this product from: Pink Cute House