TER Cosmetics Masterpiece 3D Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo Review and Swatches

Previously, I have posted my unboxing article for TER cosmetics. Ter Cosmetics is a proud Thai brand. It is wonderful to see more and more authentic brands booming in South East Asia. One of the treasure in the packaged I received is the Masterpiece 3D Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo. 

Packaged in a cute soft tube, (like the ones for lip gloss tubes) is this highly pigmented eyebrow liquid. It comes with a double ended brow brush with a flat angled tip and a spooly on the other end. Perfect kit! One tube contains 8ml liquid inside. Ter Cosmetics Masterpiece 3D Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo is available in two shades: Caramel Brown and Chocolate Brown.

Caramel Brown is a lighter shade which suits mostly blonde or lighter hair colors. Chocolate Brown is a darker shade which suits black hair and it's the one I use. Ter eyebrow liquids are very pigmented you need a tiny tiny amount for one brow. It is also soft and watery making it easy to blend and apply. Also, it give you enough time to blend and apply on your brows before it dries up, unlike the NYX brow liquid ones that you need to work it quickly because it dries fast and cracks when you try to blend it. 

The best thing about TER Cosmetics Waterproof Eyebrow Tattoo is it's long lasting and stands true to it's name "waterproof". I do my make up at 7am and get home by 6pm. My face has already become oily but my brows are still looking gorgeous. 

Only one thing I think TER cosmetics should improve to this product is to fill the whole tube. Haha! I feel like there's more air in the tube than the product. 

Final Verdict: I love this product and I will repurchase several to stock and bring home to the Philippines. ^_^

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