BK Mask Paris Acne Mask Review

We have all been in that situation when these annoying thing called pimples or acne ever pop out of nowhere and surprise us right on top of our nose. Well, so much products out there have been created to fight and manage these little evils. Because of instagram, I stumbled into BK Mask Paris Acne mask with Tea tree Oil and Green Tea. BK Mask Paris Acne Mask is an original Thai brand by Bangkok Health Group and getting famous and well known in Thailand's beauty market. 

BK Acne mask is composed of mostly organic ingredients from plants. They are Willow leaves extract, marine salt, tea tree oil, green tea extract, alginate, menthol, forms mushroom extract, liposome nano vitamin A-C-E and centella extract. The main components tea tree oil and green tea extracts make this product an effective solution pimples and acne. Willow plant is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent. It's component acetylsalicylic acid relieves inflammation in acne. Because it's antiseptic, it kills the bacteria that causes pimples and acne. Tea tree oil is a well known substance for acne. Green tea extracts also has anti-inflammatory effects to the skin. Thus, it helps in reducing the size and redness of acne. It also helps in skin elasticity so it's also anti-aging by preventing wrinkles.

BK Acne Mask comes in a soft squeeze tube with a net content of 30g. The mask itself is light green as you would expect because of it's green tea extract content. The product consistency is similar to that of a matte toothpaste. According to the packaging, BK Acne mask is hypo-allergenic (okay for those with sensitive skin), alcohol free and it is fragrance fee. BK Acne mask is a wash off mask pack. Squeeze out a generous amount enough to cover your whole face. Apply on to the face with a slight massage. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash off.

I have already used this mask for a few times and even with the first time, I did felt some benefits. Let me describe how it was like to use this mask. I squeezed out enough product to cover my whole face. As I was applying it on, it quickly dries and became dried powder when I haven't even finished applying it all over my face. Because of this, you can't really massage and rub it into the skin. So be quick in packing it on the face. I left it for 20 minutes then washed it off with plain water. After the first use, I felt my skin pore has become smaller. Though it's not in the list of benefits, but I did observed it. My skin has also brightened up and became clearer.

As a blogger, I also made research online about background, history and reviews from other bloggers about BK mask. Because I find BK mask has such a teensy weensy amount (at least for me, haha) of just 30gms in a tube, I found out it should be applied directly only on the acne or pimple spot area and not all over the face. So on my third use (which was like 4-5 days after the first time because masks shouldn't be used everyday), I only spot applied it on my pimples. That time I was having my period so there was this ugly red spot on top of my lip. It was red, hurting and stinging that night. Just when I applied BK mask, it felt cool and the pain INSTANTLY stopped. Yes, just right after I applied the mask, the pain stopped. I washed it after 20 minutes and the pimple was relieved at least. It wasn't stinging anymore and the redness was minimized.

I definitely recommend this to those struggling with their acne. Acne and pimples are just one of the reasons teens and some adults lose their confidence. Give this product a try and it might help you and regain your self-esteem.

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