Chou Foundation Blender Sponge Review

Foundation sponges have always been a hype ever since Beauty Blender. However, Beauty Blender may be a bit pricey for just a sponge. Here's a practical dupe with a friendly price but works just as the same.

Chou Thailand produces their own foundation sponge. Chou sponges are so soft, squishy and cute with adorable colors, pink and purple. Chou designed the sponge to has super smooth surface, rounded with no hard edges for smooth and flawless makeup base application.

Dry Chou sponge.

Damp Chou sponge.

A sponge has its advantages over the use of brushes. One, it buffs the foundation into the skin thus gives more coverage and minimizes the appearance of pores. This gives the airbrush makeup effect. Smooth, poreless and just flawless skin. Two, because the sponge has to be damp when used, this helps the makeup to stick on the skin and stay longer. Makeup base becomes long wearing when applied with water which is a concept in wet technique in makeup application.

When using Chou sponge, soak it in water and watch it become bigger as it absorbs the liquid. Squeeze out the excess water and it's now ready to use. Use the flat base of the sponge to apply your liquid or cream makeup base. Bounce and press against the skin to really pack on the product for full coverage. Use the pointed tip apply your base on hard to reach areas like corners of the nose and under the eyes.

Left side of the photo above shows the face with makeup base applied with Chou Sponge. Right side is bare skin just moisturizer on. Skin tone has been evened out. Pores are less visible. Pimple spots, redness and dark areas are covered. Sponges are advantageous over makeup brushes if you are aiming for flawless and full coverage makeup application.

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