Dr. Young Pore Eraser Balm, Perfecting BB Cream and Pore Eraser HD Powder Review

It's just hard to choose the right, safe and correct products for our skin with all the many brands sold in the market. There are just products that are too commercialized but gives no skin benefits. However, we can still spot the trusted and beneficial products by just the brand name. And you can never go wrong with a professional name--> Dr. Young. But! Dr. Young is not a doctor's name, but a brand derived from the Korean words that means "doctor, professionals in the medical field" and "young or youth and health".

Dr. Young is a Korean company but now has expanded in Thailand. In this post, I am going to talk about three of their wonderful creations. I have got Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm, Protect Prevent Triple Action BB Cream and Anti-Pore Eraser HD Powder.

Dr. Young Anti Pore Pore Eraser Balm is a primer that sets and prepares the skin for smooth and flawless makeup application.  The product inside is beige and smells like a faint baby powder. The texture is like a very smooth wax that's finely blended into micromicro bits. This primer smoothens the skin's surface to prepare for makeup base. After application, skin feels so smooth and silky without any feels of bumps or grits. This makes the maekup base blend and buff nicely into the skin. One jar of Dr. Young primer contains 15g.

Dr. Young Protect Prevent Triple Action BB Cream has an SPF 33/PA+++ with whitening and anti-wrinkle function. The shade I got is Natural Beige. This BB Cream has three actions to the skin: 1) wrinkle care 2) whitening and 3) UVA/UVB protection apart from covering and moisturizing the skin. I find this BB cream to have a thick consistency as opposed to the common Korean BB creams that are a bit liquid-y. A small amount of this product is enough for the whole. It has a sheer/light coverage and a matte finish. If you wish for a glowing skin, you can mix it with a skin brightener. If you need more coverage, you may mix it with your foundation or get extra help from concealers. One tube contains 30g.

Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser  HD Powder is a powder that EFFECTIVELY (as in very effective!) control oil and sebum production of the skin. It is infused with corn and herb extract for that purpose. This HD powder is finely "powderized" to the most it can be "powdered". This is very efficient for people ith really oily and greasy skin. It just instantly mattifies the skin upon applciation. This HD powder absorbs the grease thus lessening the shine on T zone area. I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin as it will just emphasize the flaky and cracked skin. Also, this should be applied only on the oily regions of the face and not on the entire face.

As shown below, Photo 1 is my bare skin with just moisturizer on. Notice the spots and pimples. Photo 2: Skin is applied with the Anti-Pore eraser balm primer. I did not alter anything on this photo except for the number texts and collaging. See how smooth the skin appeared. Also, it has become a little brighter. Photo 3: Skin is applied with the Dr. Young BB Cream. The skin has become even brighter and lighter. Pimples and spots are slightly concealed as well. Photo 4: Skin is set with the Dr. Young HD Powder. Skin became matte and BB cream is well set.

Final photo here shows with full face makeup and natural lighting. I love how my makeup looks clean, and flawless. It is not cakey nor too thick but it just shows my real, healthy and bright skin without the obvious makeup.

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