LiipRus Luscious Color Lipsticks Swatches and Review

LiipRus is a proud newly launched lipstick brand from Thailand late last year 2015. This collection has 14 beautiful colors that can be used for different make up moods and styles. The colors are grouped into main color families that makes you have a hard time deciding which color to use for the day! Haha! At least that happens to me.

The group colors are the browns, the oranges, the pinks, the reds and the violets.

The Browns. These group would probably be my top choice as they best complement smokey brown eye makeup which is most often my daily look. The Browns members are Vegas Night Out (B1), His and Her (B2) and So Syrup (B2). B1 is a warmed tone nude shade; B2 is a pale nude and B3 is a dark and deep chocolate brown shade. These colors are perfect for both daytime everyday looks and night out, dramatic looks. These family is all creamy and highly pigmented with B1 as the creamiest and B3 as little bit on the matte and dry side.

The Oranges. These colors are bright, fun and super vivid for hyped, young, and happy makeup moods. They are like candies that your sweet tooth crave for. O1 is Melon Popsicle, O2 is Candy Coral and O3 is Happiness. O1 and O2 are more on the pink side rather than orange. O1 is silky and creamy whereas )2 is a matte bright prink. O3 is a matte tangerine. 

The Reds. The Reds family would surely be everybody's favorite. R1 Red Delicious is a bright orange red tone, R2 Scarlet Rouge is a creamy kind of cherry red. R3 Heart Breaker is a matte marsala-ish brick red. I love them all! I wouldn't mind going out with no eye shadows as long as any of these reds are on my lips.

The Pinks. Pink is the girliest shade of all but I wonder why LiipRus only has two shades for this group. P1 Peony is a frosty light pink. P2 is a matte bright candy pink.

The Violets. Oh yes, the rebel color of all, violets. V1 Sweet Lavender is not the same with the rest. It has a balm/gloss like finish. It's not highly pigmented as how cream lipsticks should be but it's opaque like a lip gloss. V2 Lilac Affair is a matte shade with a fusion of pink and blue. It's somewhat a pink and a purple shade. V3 Bewitch is the darkest of the three. It has a frosty finish and really purpl-y.

Here's all 14 shades in action:

I love all LiipRus shades except perhaps for V1 since it has a glossy/balmy consistency and I'm not really a lip gloss girl. Liip Rus are creamy, super pigmented and lasts for 6-8 hours. I just love it!

Manufactured by Cinnamic Co., Ltd, LiipRus has released fourteen (14) gorgeous colors in their collection. Product Description. LiipRus lipsticks are packaged in a bullet shaped golden case with it's name printed in white. One tube contains 3.5 gm of product. The packaging says that this enchanting and dazzling lipsticks have luscious colors, velvety touch and are luxurious. LiipRus is best when used before 18 months after opening.

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