Osvira Hydrating Cream and Beauty Face BB Cream Review

Osvira International is a new cosmetic company established in Thailand. Their products are formulated and manufactured in Korea and distributed in Thailand. Here I am going to feature and review two of their very first products, Osvira Hydrating Cream and Osvira Beauty face B.B. Cream.

Osvira Hydrating Cream Description. Osvira Hydrating Cream is an all skin type face care that's moisturizing and hydrating as the name suggests. According to the packaging, this product has visible smoothing and revitalizing beauty performance. The formula is mainly filtered snail mucus and Phellinus Linteus (Mushroom) and carrot extracts with Rose Water. These ingredients whitens, moisturizes and promotes skin elasticity. This formula is suitable for all skin types and generations. One large tube of Osvira Hydrating Cream has a net content of 100g. The packaging is a beautiful shiny gold soft squeeze tube.

Osvira Hydrating Cream Review. This hydrating cream has a watery gel consistency. Once applie don the skin, it is easily spread and quickly absorbed by the skin, It's non greasy and non oily. One surprising thing about this is when spread on the skin, tiny droplets appear. I think it collects moisture from the air around, condenses it and its absorbed by the skin, thus, adding more hydration. I love this cream because it feels so light, it's just like washing your face with cool water. It feels refreshing. Skin feels silky, too after application.

Osvira Beauty Face BB Cream Description. This BB cream is packaged in a cute plastic squeeze tube and contains 15g of the product. It's infused with SPF 50+ for sun UV light protection. It claims to have whitening, anti-wrinkle and hydrating effects. Osvira Beauty Face BB Cream is available in only one shade.

Osvira Beauty Face BB Cream Review. Osvira BB cream's formula is thick and concentrated. I find it to have medium to full coverage. However, I lightly apply it as it's too light for my skin. Thus, it provides me medium coverage. I apply it in two layers under my eye though for a brightening effect. Skin appears bright and dewy with fresh application. It has a very mild scent, too. I have used it several times and its best performance lasts less than 4 hours. Beyond that, its coverage starts to fade and you might want to retouch for more coverage. I didn't find my t zone are oily, too after using this. It didn't break me out as well. 

Left photo above is Osvira Hydrating Cream and right photo is Osvira BB Cream.

Photo 1 is my naked face with just the Osvira Hydrating Cream applied. Photo 2 is with Osvira Beauty Face BB Cream with about 75% coverage. As you can see, most of my spots and dark spots are concealed. Photo 3 is set with a matte setting powder that added coverage. Photo 4 is with a complete makeup.

Osvira can be found through the following:
Instagram: OsviraThailand
Line: Osvira-Official