My Kampuchea Thmey Daily Newspaper Feature

Despite the very bad experience I had during the last week of January 2016, (DSLR camera and laptop were stolen from my place), good things still happen though. God is good. =) I was contacted by Kampuchea Thmey Daily to be featured in one of their issues and here's the published article.

Kampuchea Thmey Daily is one of Cambodia's biggest and leading provider of current events,  sports, entertainment and lifestyle news in the country. It is published in the Cambodian national language Khmer on a daily basis. My feature page was published in their Lifestyle section on the January 31st to February 1st issue.

I was so surprised the featured article was almost the whole page of the Lifestyle section. It is such an honor to be talked about (by that I mean good talk or good news) in a foreign country's publication. Here's the whole page of the published issue in Khmer language. (click photo to enlarge)

Well of course, I can't read the Khmer version so they sent me the English one for reference. The title goes: Beauty Bloggin & Branding: How Makeup Artist Stella Jezebelle Nailed It. It was mentioned how I started in the industry, my experiences and my thoughts as an artist. Some beauty tips and tricks from me were also included.

Thank you so much to Kampuchea Thmey Daily, specially to Ms. Ilijah and Mr. Edward. 
Kampuchea Thmey Daily can be found here: