Ver. 88 Bounce Up Pact Review

Makeup base is a staple and a must have basic i our makeup bag. It's so useful in hiding our blemishes and creating a flawless canvass for makeup. Ver 88 Bounce Pact is another hyped and one of the most talked about beauty product in Thailand and all over South East Asia.

Ver 88 Bounce Pact is a product of .... It in encased in a matte black plastic compact packaging with a sponge and mirror inside. The pressed product has a consistency between a soft cream and a mousse cream. It is not liquid, it is not powder, and it is not a cream. It's more like a mushy and a very soft kind of dough makeup. It is so soft it indents when you press it, but firm like a cream. You can apply it with a wet or dry sponge. It turns out to have a powdery texture result on the skin after application.

Before Ver. 88 Bounce Pact Application

Right side of face applied with Ver 88 Bounce Pact and left side not applied with.

Full face after application of Ver 88 Bounce Pact Foundation.

As you can see from the photo, Ver 88 Bounce Pact Foundation did a great job on coverage. Discolorations, freckles, pimple spots were well concealed. Also, skin tone was evened out. However, the shade is too light and reddish or pinkish for my yellowish skin tone. All other makeup blends with it well from bronzer to blusher, to contour and highlight.

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