A Trick to Naturally Blushing Cheeks: Sugarbox Face Blush Stick by Belov

Cream blushes create glowing cheek colors like they radiate right beneath from your skin. That's why I prefer this over powder blushes when I go for healthy and fresh looking makeup. Also one thing I love about cream blushes is that they can be multipurpose. They're not just blushers, but lip tints and or eye primers as well. Belove's Sugar Box face Blush Stick is one of my current favorites and most reached item everyday.

I got sent the Sugar Box Face Blusher Stick, a blusher and lipstick in one and it's in shade no. 02. Shade no. 02 is a rich baby pink color. This color best suits fair complexion. It shows up so much better and brighter on fair skin tones than on deep skin tones. The consistency is soft, creamy and very blendable. You can control how rich you want the color can be from faint to light to vivid.  

The good thing about cream blushers over powder ones is that they appear fresh and natural like you've got those rosy cheeks after playing under the sun. The color appears flushed and diffused like it's coming right from under the skin. Unlike powder blushers that just sit on the skin. Aside from being a blusher, it also serves as a lip tint or lip color. I lightly apply it on the lips then distribute all over the lips for a baby pink tint. For ombre lips that's common in Korean makeup trend, just dab a little in the middle of the lips then blend the edges.

I like this blush stick from Sugar Box as I've mentioned, it's one of my daily favorites when I opt for a fresh looking makeup. I also love the creamy consistency. It's soft and creamy yet pigmentation is rich. It doesn't appear patchy when applied. It applies and blends evenly on the skin.

Sugar Box makeups by Belove can be purchased from in this LINK.