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The Cushion makeup that Heals: H+ Healing Cushion Overview and Impression

Makeup is about beauty and aesthetic as seen by our eyes. It is about the glory of displaying perfection at its best, which also mean concealing what is not considered beautiful. However, according to MK Universal, Co, makeup is not about covering. It is all about HEALING. Because of this, they have spent about a year in research and science to find the right texture and right material to produce a cushion makeup that's not only about beauty but as well as "healing" or "regeneration".

MK Universal created H+ Cushion (Healing Cushion) with  these goals in mind. 

1. All day skin regeneration. Makeup is worn from morning to night making our skin absorb chemicals and our pores blocked with its ingredients. However, H+ Cushion has contains skin regenerating ingredients like Adenosine.
2. Skin dryness protection. H+ Cushion has WWS or Water Wrapping System that maintains skin moisture and prevents skin drying when we are out and about.
3. Skin healing. Because of the science behind it, H+ Cushion is not just makeup. It heals.
4. Beautiful skin. Of course, H+ Cushion was created for every women's desire to be beautiful.  

Speaking about healing, H+ Cushion contains these ingredients that promotes skin regeneration and healing. One, it has adenosine. Adenosine is one of the most effective ingredient in anti-aging products. It has anti-wrinkling effect by helping in collagen biosynthesis. It aids in cell reproduction and wound healing. Two, H+ cushion also contains Niacine amide. This ingredient is behind skin whitening effect. It aids in skin recovery from UV damage and also minimizes melanin production. Three, the most important ingredient of H+ Cushion that purposes the main goal of healing, is Centellea Asiatica Extract. This extract comes from the herbal plant famously know as Gotu Kola or Indian Pennywort which is used for skin diseases and wounds. And the last important ingredient is Portulaca extract. Portulaca is a flowering plant. It relieves skin inflammation and irritation.

H+ Cushion Impression and Experience

I have been using H+ Cushion for about two weeks now and I can say, I am loving it. As a makeup artist, I have learned through my experience that beauty is not all about makeup. Skincare should be prioritized first over makeup. I am happy to know and I'm glad I was informed and provided to try H+ Cushion because hits two birds with one stone, makeup and skincare. With skin health as the first thing in mind now, I am enjoying this product and I use it everyday without worrying about clogged pores that usually cause me break outs. My skin loves this product. From day one of use, no irritation, reactions or break outs happened until now.

Going into its makeup performance, it does not fail in giving that glowing and brightening skin effect. I love how it sets on my skin making it appear moist and healthy. It has light to medium coverage though and I don't mind spot concealing blemishes. Also, full coverage makeup doesn't look natural. I prefer sheer coverage that shows real skin.

More information about H+ Cushion can be found here: H+ Cushion.


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