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Sugar Box Brow Pencil for Wow Brows

Eyebrows frame the face and it should be well groomed and shaded for a neat and pleasant look. Sugar Box by Belove created lovely brow pencils to transform our brows from bad to fab. Here's why this brow pencil is my first choice over brow powders. 

I reach for brow pencils first before brow powders. I use brow pencils to outline the brow shape I wish for first then fill in with the brow powder. I find this more convenient for me. Out lining the brows with a flat angled brow brush is a bit tricky but easier with a brow pencil like this Brow Sugar Box by Belov. These brow pencils come in three shades to suit various hair colors. It's packaged in a cylindrical pencil form with two ends. One end is the brow product itself and the other end is a spooly brush to blend and comb out brow hairs. Brow Sugar Box by Belove is a mechanical brow pencil which doesn't require the pain of sharpening. Sugar Box Cosmetics can be found in this LINK.

Naked brows.

Groomed and shaded with Sugar Box Brow pencil.

Naked and uneven eye brows.

Groomed and shaded with Sugar Box Brow pencil.


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