The Mascara that'll Spread your Lashes to the Max: Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov

It's such a pain for most Asian women to have short and thin lashes. I myself envy other girls with long, thick and curly lashes that I obviously do not possess. Wearing false lashes all the time may become inconvenient with all the trimming and gluing and retouching every time. Lash extensions maybe the longest and easiest solution but could be painful in the pocket. But, worry not my fellow ladies who aim for flattering lashes for here's an easy solution to our common problem.

Before I talk about the product, here are photos that serve as hot evidence on its performance. Before photo shows my super stunted and thin lashes that are hard to see. Lower lashes are even actually invisible. After photo below shows top and bottom lashes with several coats of the mascara. Lashes are now blacker, a bit longer and visible especially the bottom lashes. This mascara's performance lasts from morning to night and I never experienced it smudge and scatter on my bottom lids. It never clumped on me as well. It doesn't smudge nor transfer after you let it dry.

Bare eyelashes without any products.
Upper and lower lashes applied with several coats of Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov. 
Step One brush end for expansion and lengthening.

Step Two brush end for fining, lining up and separating lash strand.
Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov expands and lengthens your lashes. It's ultrafine and lines up lashes. It is a dual ended mascara that never clumps, smudges, nor transfer. One end is for Step One that has the bigger brush. Apply this first to expand and lengthen your lashes without clumping. Step Two on the other end ultra fines and lines up or separates the lashes. It's brush head is thin with short bristles to catch and get on even the finest lash you may have.
This mascara is just so right to transform my wispy, short and very fine lashes without clumping, smudging nor panda eyes. Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov can be purchased from this LINK.