Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

Cleansing is an essential part of skin care. It is mandatory to remove and cleanse off all dust, oil and makeup junks from our face everyday to let our skin breathe and prevent break outs. Cleansing products vary from soaps, creams, gels, foams to oil. However, some cleansing products do cause break outs, too specially with people who have sensitive skin. Personally, my skin doesn't just want any oil based products. They clog pores, thus causing pimples and acne. Good thing here's a very efficient cleansing products WITHOUT THE OIL. Gently and effectively takes off all dirt and even the most waterproof eyeliner or mascara without causing skin irritation and break out. Get to know Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing.

Photo above shows the left side of my face perfectly cleaned with ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing and right side still with makeup on. Watch the video below to see how ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing performs.

Why you should forget your other facial cleanser and replace with this. I will rate ACSEN Oil Cut Cleaning a 10/10 with its superb performance. It gently and effectively melts down even the long lasting and waterproof eye makeups. I don't have to rub my eyes that much just to clean the makeup off. It's not oil based, thus named Oil Cut because the oil ingredient has been cut off. It has a watery gel consistency so it's light and non sticky. It's easily rinsed off with water too. No cleansing foam or soap is required after. It doesn't leave any oily or slimy residue after. You know the feeling after you had just done some exfoliation? that's how it feels like. You know that all gunks, oil, dead skin and makeup residue are already gone. It's a one step facial cleanser for me like makeup remover + facial foam + facial scrub in one product.

Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing is a product of MK Universal, Co who also created the healing cushion H+ Cushion. It is formulated with 0% oil with best performance in makeup cleansing. It's in a clear gel consistency and water wash off type. It contains several plant extracts  for more skin nourishing effect and skin benefits. Natural surfactant soapwort extract is the main reason it effectively cleanses the skin but very gentle that it doesn't cause skin irritation. Papaya extract and lotus extract provides skin benefits whitening, moisturizing and soothing effects. But, what stands out in ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing is Selemix An. Selemix An is an ingredient fermented from bean and magnolol bark extract. It is the main content in ACSEN cleanser that relieves skin irritation like eczema, inflammation and acne.

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