Aphrodite Gemstone Cosmetic

"Aphrodite gemstone cosmetic is based on heritage of Egyptian beliefs. History tells that gemstones acquire power to help in every aspect of life and enhance the well being of it's beholder."

This concept of gemstone power is applied in Aphrodite cosmetics which brings luck and blessings to its user. This is unique and my first to try cosmetic products with such beliefs. Aphrodite Group has provided yours truly 4 intriguing makeup products and I will review each of them in this post.

Crystal Camouflage Sunscreen Mousse Foundation SPF 50++. Packaging states it's a revolutionary whipped formula, providing an air-soft perfect matte finish coverage with a weightless feel for both oily and dry skin. breakthrough in technology with flexible, silicone polymers to help prevent caking and 100% waterproof. Its color pigment gives superior coverage that blend effortlessly to impart a soft, natural looking, even toned result.
This make up base is a soft and creamy mousse foundation that's easy to apply and blend. It's packaging is a beautiful white porcelain like material with a rose crystal design lid cover. This mousse foundation is available in one shade that suits every skin tone. I find it really easy to blend on the skin because it's very soft and creamy I have no problem using my fingers, brush or even sponge blenders to apply. I have combination skin which means some parts of my skin are dry and some parts oily but this foundation just does the job in coverage and consistency. The finish look is smooth and has a blur effect that makes the skin look perfect, specially in photos. The more the skin looks amazing when set with the Aura Crystal Powder.

Aura Crystal Powder. A long lasting mineral pressed powder that sets and perfects foundation for a smooth, flawless finish. This sheer 2 way powder is oil free and oil absorbing with vitamin E for the mot comfortable wear.
The mousse foundation alone creates an amazing flawless and smooth base but this compact powder makes it even more perfect. Result is excellent specially in photos no photo retouching is required. As mentioned earlier, it creates a skin blur effect that makes the skin appear smooth and flawless.

Crystal 3D Blusher. This contains vitamin E and jojoba to enhance ease of application and to nourish the skin. Prevent pores from clogging an suits every skin type. The pigment makes it virtually rub-off proof and water resistant. Lifts all skin types with radiance. 
This blush is also in a creamy mousse consistency that's super easy to apply and blend. It gives a beautiful radiant effect that can also serve as a highlighter. I love it that it creates a healthy rosy blush effect.

Crystal 2 in 1 Lipstick. This 2 in Lipstick has a concealer that is used as a base to prep the lips before applying the lipstick, or can serve as a modifier to lighten the shade of the lip product as desired. The lipstick also comes with a brush applicator for convenience. The cream concealer does it's just to even out lip pigment so the lipstick's color appears even and vivid. The cream and lipstick work well together and leaves a beautiful finish.

Here's a before and after photo comparison using Aphrodite Cosmetics. Before photos shows my bare skin with flaws like pimples, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. Below it shows a photo using the products. Please note I uploaded this directly from the camera without any photo enhancements. Skin appears flawlessly perfect and smooth. Aphrodite makeup base, powder, blusher and lipstick are used. Brow product used not included and no eye shadow is applied.

Aphrodite products are available from their site: