Costina Vampire Whitening Lotion by Nutty

Vanilla, buttermilk-like scent on the skin sounds delightful yeah? That's what's lovely with Costina Vampire lotion created by Nutty Nathamon, a famous artist in Thailand. Costina lotion doesn't just effectively moisturizes skin, but also whitens your skin and leaves a sweet and lovely scent you just might want to lick your own skin.

Costina Vampire Lotion's consistency is even better than Jergen's. It's light and creamy but not greasy, sticky nor oily. Skin quickly absorbs it and feels silky and velvety. It doesn't just moisturize but also whitens the skin and I noticed the effect in two weeks of using this. And the one thing that I love the most about this is the delicious milky, vanilla-ish like scent. I think I find this better than Jergen's which I used to love and been my favorite.


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