Savvy Miracle Water Drop Snail BB UV Protection

Savvy Miracle Water Drop Snail BB Cream is a primer, moisturizer, brightener, sunscreen, and anti-aging cream. This all-day pearly bright skin BB UV Protection perfectly glides onto skin providing clear and bright complexion with smooth, cotton like and powdery finish for flawless skin. According to the packaging, its an all in one products that provides multiple benefits as stated.

I personally use it as a makeup base or primer before applying my foundation. I don't have perfect skin. I have so much flaws like spots, pimples, black heads and uneven skin tone. Savvy Snail BB Cream has a sheer coverage so I need some extra help from concealer and full coverage foundation. I use it as a primer because it helps enhance performance of my foundation by giving a luminous and bright effect. 

Swatches and actual applications photos below show performance of this product. A small amount goes a long way. The effect on me is a healthy bright and glowing skin. This would be perfect for those who has amazing skin but wants a little bit of brightness and luminousity. It comes with a cute foundation sponge for application.

Savvy Miracle White Drop Snail BB Cream is available in Cambodia here: