Reasons Why You Need Chia Seeds in Your Diet: Swizer Chia Seeds

Despite all the fast food, preserved, instant and other unhealthy food our generation consume today, natural and healthy food are making a trend and many health enthusiasts send a strong message to incorporate it in our daily lifestyle. One of these super foods being in the spot light these days are chia seeds.

"Chia" is an ancient Mayan word which means 'strength'. Chia seeds come from the plant salvia hispanica which is a native plant of South Mexico. According to historians, this plant has been a staple food crop of the ancient Aztec people. Going back to its seed, it is claimed as one of the healthiest foods on the planet because it contains loads of nutrients for the body and soul.

You can research tons of resources online that has long lists of health benefits of chia seeds and here's some I found.
 1. A tiny amount of chia seeds provides large amount of nutrients like fiber, protein, calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.
2. Chia seeds are also effective anti-oxidants.
3. Large percentage of carbohydrate in chia seeds are fiber.
4. Loaded with high quality proteins that aid in weight loss.
5. High in Omega-3 fatty Acids, so it's good for the heart.
6. and many more!

How to consume Chia Seeds?

Heaps of recipes, tip and advice are available online on how to consume your chia seeds. Personally, I just put a teaspoon of Chia seeds in my glass or water tumbler or fruit juice. I let it sit for about 10 minutes until it becomes jelly like then drink away. I would also pour it into my fruit shake for extra crunchy bits.

How Chia seeds helped me

Because chia seeds absorb much liquid and turns to a gel like 'sago' or similar to pearls added in milkshakes,(only smaller) , it fills up my tummy, thus making me feel full. I add it to my drinks like water, or fruits juice from time to time, thus makes me feel full. In this way, I don't feel hungry and crave for food. This helps me control my appetite, thus helps in controlling weight gain. Swizer Chia seeds are packed in sachets, thus convenient to travel and carry around when I go to work.

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