Remi Horse Oil and 7 Herbs Shampoo and Treatment

Our hair is an important asset just as any part of the body is. Proper care and attention must also be given to it just as how much concerned we are with other  parts of our living soul. Remi Thailand aims to let us experience healthy, nourished hair and provide solutions to hair problems.

Remi Horse Oil and 7 Herb Shampoo and Treatment essential ingredients are imported from Hokkaido, Japan. The formula made from oil and 7 herbs is taken from the Japanese theory of black, shiny and healthy hair. The right combination and balance from these ingredients provides nourishment from the scalp to roots to tips. Not only that, the right formula from these carefully chosen herbs treat dandruff, dry and itchy scalp as well as it decreases the chance of hair loss. Allergic reaction from use is out of the question as it's made from herbal ingredients as compared to other brands that are made from chemicals, thus causing itching and drying. And the best part, the mild scent and aroma of the shampoo and conditioner is relaxing and rejuvenating.

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