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Thai Trade Show 2016 to Happen in Cambodia

Together with Cambodia's growing economy, big events are happening in the country's capital, Phnom Penh. The Thai Trade Show is taking place in the city for four days from June 23rd to 27th at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center. Hundreds of brands and companies from Thailand will be displaying and introducing their products and services to the Cambodian market. Various enterprises are joining the scene from food, to clothing brands, to skin care to beauty products and more!

Onnbaby Nessy Choice Lashes

A glamour look is never complete without lashes. It just like a living room looking naked without curtains. Thai's beauty blogger collaborated with Nessychoice and came up with these beautiful, light as hair, and looking like real lashes but are 100% handmade mink lashes.
Two styles I got are Love Struck and To-Die-For packaged in sturdy and hard plastic containers in cute pink cardboards. As far as I know, mink lashes are lasting and re-usable for multiple times as compared to ordinary lashes. I tested these Nessychoice lashes and they are light as if I'm not wearing anything on my lids. Also, the bands are durable they don't easily bend and break which assures multiple usage.