Thai Trade Show 2016 to Happen in Cambodia

Together with Cambodia's growing economy, big events are happening in the country's capital, Phnom Penh. The Thai Trade Show is taking place in the city for four days from June 23rd to 27th at Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center. Hundreds of brands and companies from Thailand will be displaying and introducing their products and services to the Cambodian market.
Various enterprises are joining the scene from food, to clothing brands, to skin care to beauty products and more!

Joining this big event is The Secret House, a beauty company that caters to every beauty needs from skin care to fitness, beauty and makeup. The Secret House would like to introduce their best selling product Goodnight Mask cream, a beauty cream for brighter, smoother, younger and glowing skin. Included in their collection are The Secret V Line Face Belt and serum, Princess Sunscreen, Teeth Whitening and of course a first for their makeup line, Pixilash in collaboration with yours truly, Stella Jezebelle.

The Secret House have all products discounted during the Thai Expo. Pixilash by StellaJezebelle will be sold for $10 from it's original price of $12. Not only the discounts should excite you but the shop will be giving away two (2) Insta Minis! Come visit The Secret House booth during the 4 days event to join!

Thai Trade Fair
June 23-27, 2016
Diamond Island Exhibition and Convention Center
Phnom Penh, Cambodia