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The Joy of Kids

Here are some stories, funny and worth remembering moments with Chelsea Munich.
1. This morning in the kitchen, Chelsea, my 1 yr and 4 mos baby reached a chili from the table. She bit it, then she paused. Later she dropped the chili on the floor and smashed it with her foot.
2. Chelsea usually opens all drawers. She empty outs the boxes, then she goes in the boxes. Being an OC mom wanting to keep things in order, I decided to lock those drawers. When I needed something, I would use keys to open them. Unknowingly, Chelsea watches me everytime I do this. Then one time, I needed some stuffs from the drawer. I was about to insert my keys when I saw a hairpin inserted in the keyhole.

My Nichido Oct 15, 2010 Haul

Hey Everyone,
Today was SM Baguio's First day of their 3 Day Sale, October 15, 2010. Went out and strolled with Chelsea even if it rained really hard.
A lot of good stuffs were on sale, but, even if they were on sale, they were still expensive. (sigh)
Of course, I went straight to my favourite section, The Departments Store make up corner.
And these were what I got:

First is the Nichido Professional Kabuki Brush. I have always been wanting a Kabuki brush. Prices I've seen from Online Sellers range from 350-850php. But I was surprised and amazed Nichido has Kabuki brushes and so I just went ahead took one, considering the price which is PHP238. Not bad, eh? It's bristles are made of synthetic nylon material and they are SUPER DUPER SOFT! I just love running them into my face..hehe Super cheap, too! Also, picks up a lot of product so you have to gently dab it on your powder or tap off excess product. I just love it!

Next is this Nichido Final Powder in So Natural. I read on Say's blo…

My Online Tambayan

Hey everyone,
Havn't been blogging lately. Been quite busy.
I just wanted to share with you guys my Online Tambayan. hehe... ^_^
1. FACEBOOK! Kahit kelan, Ever since, first thing I do when I get up in the morning is open my computer and check my FB account.. It is my breakfast, lunch and dinner..and even midnight snack! (when I stay up late night potato couching on the internet) I also always browse FB make up sellers. Yeah I know I am addicted to make ups! Funtabulous shoppe: Prettyville:
2. YOUTUBE! I made it a habit to check my subscriptions for new videos from my favourite make up gurus. Do morning chores while waiting for the videos to be downloaded. (Bagal kasi ng net dito.) Because internet is so sloooooooow.... Not only that, I also check my chipipay videos if viewers increased. (I wish!) Here's the link to my youtube channel:…
Hey guys, Sorry havn't been blogging lately. Anyway, I was playing with my make up last time and tried to recreate Rhianna's make up in her music video I Love The Way You Lie.
The eyes are dark purply navy and smokey with a light baby pink glossy lips.
Hope you like it!