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February 28, 2011

Beyonce Why Don't You Love Me Make up

My Inspirational Screen Cap

Watch the Tutorial here:

February 25, 2011

Mr. and Ms. Environment 2011-Lubas

As a promotional activity to solid waste management, Brgy. Lubas SK Officials organized a beauty pageant themed "Search for Mr and Ms Environment: Turning dust into gold."
Held 25th of February.

Where I am honored to be a part of it.
My candidate, Jennifer Gaoyen, who is my first cousin, garnered the First Runner place, Darling of the Crowd award, Ms Air and Ms Water.

Yours truly was her make up artist, gown designer and maker.

My beautiful candidate, Jennifer Gaoyen

Jennifer in her Hawaiian attire for their production number.

Jennifer in her Sports Attire as a Cheerleader, with me yours truly.

Her Sports attire is an off white shirt designed with plastic bag strips.
Her skirt is made of newspapers, covered with red sando bags and foil wrappers.
Pompoms are red and white plastic bag strips tied in a bunch.
Jen's hair is tied with a plastic bag strip bow, too.

Jen in her ethnic attire for her talent portion.
Head piece is made of glossy magazine papers rolled into long beads.

For her evening wear, she wore a black halter top with broken mirror accents.
(They were pretty when the light hits them as the reflect and shine.)
Her bottom part is framed with cardboard and
covered with ruffled garbage bag strips in layers.

Jen's head piece is made from newspaper roses sprayed in silver
with 2 peacock feather accents and one big plummy leaf.

Jen with male first runner up.

Four of the male contestants.
(I don't now where the fifth had gone.)

All four female contestants.

The second from left ( in green sack shawl) was crowned the
Ms Environment 2011.

Hope you enjoyed reading and watching.

Pinay kisses,

February 15, 2011

lady gaga born this way make up video tutorial

I just saw lady gaga's born this way audio from youtube and this was the cover

me and lady gaga

my recreation

gothic full, bold and winged eyeliner

I was kinda hard up in hiding my brows for they are full and thick.
watch my video to learn I concealed them.

dark vampirish lips

watch the tutorial here:

February 12, 2011

Pretty Plum Make up

Pretty Plum Prom Make up

watch the tutorial here:

Yellow with Defined Crease Pixiwoo Inspired

I am so so so a fan of the Pixiwoo sisters.

I tried to make a version of their creation below:

and my obra:

watch the tutorial here:

love much,


Cheapest yet Quality Make up Store Similar with Coastal Scents

When I first started out with make up, I needed a kit of course. I first fell in love with the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette since it has all colors, both in shimmer and matte. I searched for local sellers for such item and found several Online Store. From ebay to sulit to multiply. Of course, being practical, and wise, I compared each of them with the other.
I considered most of all the price, location, and being a certified trusted seller. (As bogus sellers/scammers are rampant these days.) Then I finally came into My Beauty Shop by Ms. Rosenn Gomez.

What I love about her store?

1- a wide variety of selections from eyeshadow, to blush, highlight and contour, lip palettes, make up brush sets, primer potions, cream/gel liners, kabuki/single brushes, lashes and traincase.

2- affordable prices! I compared it with other similar product sellers and her price is way way cheaper! An average of 200php price difference, What a steal!

3- fast and reasonable shipping! If you make your payment before 12nn, she ships your item in the afternoon and you get it the next day or 2-3 days from shipment right on your doorstep. The shipping is reasonable, too as there are no handling fees, etc (unlike what other sellers do.)

4- great customer service! if you have questions, doubts, any thing you'd like to know about her products, problems with your orders, she responds/call back immediately.

5- a CERTIFIED TRUSTED SELLER! I myself is a customer and I can say she is a trusted seller. no scams, no jokes, no cheats. Proofs of transaction can be found on her site.

The following are my pruchases and what I can say about them. All opinions are 100% honesty. Both good sides and badsides.

88 Original Palette

It is a mix of shimmer and matte eyeshadows in all kind of colors from warm to neutral to bright shdaows. It is highly pigmented and very similar with Coastal Scents. I just love it. If your a make up artist travelling, doing home services with clients, attending gigs, this palette is just perfect you have all the pigments you need in one case. No need to bring every individual shadows.

swatch with flash
without flash

New 88 Palette

This palette is absolutely beautiful with all the sheer, shimmers and shine in it. All shadows are highly pigmented. All pigments are wearable in a daily basis so you'll get them all to use.

with flash

without flash

32 Big Lip Palette
This palette is one practical, handy and compact lip case you can carry wherever your needed. From nudes to pinks to reds, they're all in one case. The only thing I don't like about it is there are some lip colors that have a sticky consistency. Also, the color when applied to the lips is not how it looks with the actual product only.

with flash

without flash

Black Cream gel liners

I am so so so inlove with these cream liners. I am addicted to eyeliners! These liners are soft, creamy and easily glides on the lashline. However, if you have monolids or hooded eyelids, where your mainlid touches the lashline, I may not recommend this as it smudges or transfers to the main lid. It happens to me because I have monolids, but, if you still want to use these, you can set it with a black eyeshadow or use a liner sealer to prevent smudging.

Stippling brush
This is one fantastic foundation brush. Ms Rosenn got two colors available, pink and black but I got the black one. It is very similar with Coastal Scents Fiber Optic Brush. When used properly in a stippling motion, it creates an airbrushlike effect. Wonderful.

More talks from my video:

This time, I'm eyeing on her contour palette, concealer palette, baked eyeshadow, and 12 pc brush set which is so close to Sigma Brushes. Kelangan pagipunan muna..

Hope you enjoyed and learned something good from my blog.

Feel free to comment.

Love much,

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