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August 21, 2011

Fall 2011 Beauty Trend Series: Red Lips // Announcement!

Hey everyone! How's everybody doing? Hope y'all are having a great time.

Well, summer has almost come t0 an end and Fall is approaching.
What better color is there to describe fall but RED.
And this post is about FALL 2011 BEAUTY TRENDS: RED LIPS, the first of a series for this topic.

Red Lips can be seen in catwalks and runways and here, I will show you different shades of red lipstick you can sport this autumn.

1. Brick Red: a deep shade of red from the 32 lip palette

2. Tangerine Red: a bright shade which is a mix of orange and red still from the 32 lip palette.

3. Cranberry Red: a sort of plain matte deep red and lipstick used is from Avon Lipstick in Crushed Cranberry.

4. True Red: This red is really gorgeous. So pigmented and glossy. Lip cream used is from Ever Bilena Smooth Lips in Timeless Ruby.

5. Matte Scarlet Red: My favourite. a long lasting, non smudge matte bright red still from Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Scarlet.

Bold lips are best paired with nude eyes. This is to maintain the lips as the center of attraction.

This Fall 2011, as will be posted next, strong thick brows, nude eyes and spider lashes are the fab.

For more tips and trends this Fall 2011, check the websites below:

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Anyhoo, here's the first video:

I am asking for everyone's help to spread the word about this new YT channel of mine. I will be uploading the best video I can offer here. I will be upload as regular as possible like once a week on here so please do follow, subscribe and share. I have thought of creating a brand new one because my first channel was not connected with this blogging account. Also, the name is not that good and unfamiliar to some. So, to match up with this blog account, I have created a new one. StellaJezebelle is to

So yeah, please do support me and share with as many people as you can. Any help and support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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August 18, 2011

Amy Winehouse Inspired Make up Look

The sudden loss of Amy Winehouse was a great shock to many, especially her fans. She was indeed a talent to be missed. In remembrance of her, I have created my version of her beehive hair and eyeliner trademark.

I am also happy to say that creation of this look was in collaboration with MakeupBySandeeTV, a YT guru as well.

Sandee in her Amy Winehouse look.
Check out her video HERE.

The inspirational photo.

Watch my how to video here:

Let me know your thoughts,

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Kim Kardashian Inspired Make Up Look

Kim Kardashian, a controversial icon and a beauty and fashion godess. Here is my inspired look from her.

The inspirational picture.

The brows are thick, well groomed and shaped. On the lids are silver and black smokey eyeshadow, black eyeliner rimmed around the waterlines and flattering lashes for a more dramatic look. On the lips is a hot pink shade.

Watch my How to Video below:

Please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

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CONTEST TIME: Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Contest!

Our team of make up enthusiasts have come up with our very first BIG CONTEST!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Participant must LIKE the official Makeup Junkies 2011 page.

2. Participant must be at least 18 years of age or have parents Permission

3. Participant must be a resident on the PHILIPPINES.

1. Participant must create a NICKI MINAJ inspired look.

2. Participant may NOT use a model to enter the contest. He/She must create the look on herself/himself.

2. Participant must take a mugshot photo of themselves which feature the whole face with their shoulders included in the photo.

4. Participant must submit two photos combined together, their final Nicki Minaj Inspired Look and their Inspirational Photo.

5. When submitting your entry, you must include the following details:
Complete Name:
Shipping Address:
Contact Number:
Email Address:
Facebook Account Name: (so we can trace genuine likers)

6. Submit your entries to this email address : with the message subject as : Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup Contest Entry

6.Submit your entries until August 31 12mn. We will post all entries within the first week of September.

7. Participants are only allowed to submit ONE FINAL ENTRY and once an entry is submitted, they will NOT BE PERMITTED to change/swap it for another entry.

8. Participants are not allowed to use any editing programs to "enhance" their photos. Remember, honesty is still the best policy.

50% Likability: based on # of likes
50% Creativity: to be judged by the admins
- Overall look
- Blending
- Color Combination
- Creativity
- Uniqueness

Please remember that this is a NICKI MINAJ "INSPIRED" MAKEUP LOOK CONTEST. Your look may not be specifically the same as a Nicki Minaj look since it is inspired. Feel free to let your creativity flow and experiment with different techniques, textures and colors. Good luck! ♥


♥ Admin Angela:
♥ Admin April:
♥ Admin Jannie:
♥ Admin Michiko:
♥ Admin Rhea:
♥ Admin Sandee:
♥ Admin Stella:




Send in your entries now! Entry submission end on 31st of AUgust 2011!

Let me hear from you soon,

Flat Iron Superpowers!

Sorry I have not updated my blog lately. Anyhoo, here's how I use my flat iron. Actually, it shouldn't be called a flat or straightening iron, because it does not only straighten but also CURL, WAVE, and CRIMP!

I own a JML Proceramic Straightening Iron. Here's how it looks like. Image is borrowed from google images since I already lost the box of my flat iron.

It was 1,499php at SM Baguio. It has ceramic plates and when you break the plates, you can return it back for repair but of course would cost you some additional expenses for replacement parts.

Ceramic irons are far better than traditional irons because it is less likely to cause heat damage to hair. Also, it heats fast and evenly distributes heat. Thus, saving you time. However, frequent use of heating appliance can damage hair. But, it can prevented with proper hair care. Ie, use of heat protectant before using a heat appliance, hair treatments like conditioner, spa,etc.

Now, flat irons can be used in multiple ways not just for straightening hair but, also curling, waving and crimping.


Here is a video on how I use my flat iron to straighten my hair.


JML flat iron has slim plates and a rounded barrel. With this shape, you can create fabuolous curls. You can have the control to create loose waves or tighter curls. As opposed to flat iron with wide flat barrels like a paddle, you can only make waves but might be hard for tighter curls.
Watch my video below on how I curl my hair with a flat iron. Technique inspiration is form Rose Russo of Rosebud143.


Crimped hair are also a fab and you can achieve them with a flat iron. No crimping tool needed.
All you have to do is sway back and forth your flat iron on a bunch of hair. as you go down to the tip. This will create zigzag shapes. (Video will be up soon.)
Below is a photo of crimped hair from google.


Beach waves are softer curls. And with a flat iron, you can achieve them without a curling iron.
Below is another photo sample. (Video soon.)

With a flat iron, no curling iron, crimper, or remmington blower needed. for different styles. You can achieve many different styles with just a flat iron. What a thrift!

Hope you this blog was helpful.
Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below.

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