Beauty Cosmetics 8 Pieces Pink Brush Set Photos and Review

Presenting to you my current favorite brush set!
Beauty Cosmetics 8 Pieces Pink Brush Set

Comes in a leatherette checkered case.

Looks like this when opened and inside are 8 pieces of awesome brushes for the face and eyes.

Just the right length in between your regular and travel brush lengths.

They're coated with a pretty frosty pink color and printed with Beauty Cosmetics. The handles are bold and thicker than the usual brushes for easy hold and grip.

A closer look at the bristles. The face brushes has super soft bristles I love sweeping them on my cheeks. 

From the left is the flat angled foundation brush which I also use for contouring. The one in the middle is a stippling brush I also use for liquid foundations and blushers. Works great! And the last one is the massive powder brush which is quite dense and SUPER SOFT! I use it to apply loose powder all over my face.

Here are the eye brushes. From the left is a dome sponged tip brush I use to smudge eyeliner. Next to it is a flat eyeliner brush. I don't like this much because the bristles are scattered you can't get a clean straight line with it. I just use it to apply eyeshadow on the bottom lid. The one in the middle is a similar flat eyeliner brush but has an angled cut. I use it to shade the brows. The fourth one is my FAVORITE among these eye brushes. It is a blending brush. It is elongated, domed and gripped around which makes it a multi-purpose eye brush. It's a 3 in 1 eye brush. I use it to 1- apply eyeshadow all over, 2- create crease lines and 3- blend everything out. SUPERB! And the last one is the regular eyeshadow brush which is a bit larger I use to apply highlight on the brow bone.


I love these brushes! I use them a lot! I can't think of anything against it. Except the eyeliner brush which I find not fit for its purpose, IDK. But overall, yeah. I love it.

These wonderful gorgeous pink brushes were bought from 
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