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Airbrush Make up Trial: Before and After

In a previous post, I have talked about my newly purchased Dinair Airbrush Kit. I have shown you an overview about the kit. Its contents, price, and loads of photos. =)
Of course, I had to read the instructions and watch the dvd that comes with it before I tried to use it. I can say its not bad, its not that hard to learn how to use it. Now, I have given it a few tries and here are some before and after shots.
Here's a photo of me without any make up. I just prepped it with a toner and moisturiser. I have this large zit under my nose. Have numerous pimple spots around my mouth. Also, notice how it is dark around my mouth, corners of my nose and under the eyes. By the way, all of these photos are untouched. They were all uploaded directly from my camera. No photoshop or whatsoever.
And a closer look of the lower half of my face. You can clearly see the imperfections. Many spots and uneven skin tone.
And here's after using the Dinair Airbrush Kit. I started with the make up base…

How I do my Eyebrows

On August 18, 2012, I will be holding a Basic Personal Makeup Workshop here in Baguio. Probably gonna be the first make up workshop here. (I am so hoping for it to be successful. =)) One of the basic topics I will be teaching will be about the brows. How to groom and shape. This will be a preview for what's in store in the workshop. 
Basic Brow Shaping and Shading

Tools and Essentials: Any of these may be used to shade and blend brow colors. From the left, a flat angled brow brush from Fanny Serrano, blending brush cap from Fashion 21 Eyeliner Pencil and a spooly.

There are a wide range of eye brow products out there that you can choose from. There are brow kits and brow pencils available in the market. Here are some I have which I use for the brows. ELF brow kit in Medium, the Color Institute Brown eye pencil, and \i also use any brown, dark brown, taupe matte eye shadows to shade the brows. Use what you have. Expensive items are not necessary. 

My brows were already groomed and pluc…

Bridal Photoshoot for Accents and Petals

I just love photoshoots! Another shoot set we have done last June was a Bridal shoot for Accents & Petals, an international shop which specializes in creating floral decorations from paper, wood carvings, and other recycled materials. Of hair and makeups of the models are done by me.
Accents and Flowers is owned by Mr Dean Cuanso, the man behind the website
Here are some of the shots.

Aren't those bouquets lovely? 

Yours truly.

After the whole day's shoot, we were all packed up and ready to leave when one of our photographer friends arrived super late and insisted for a catch up shoot. Haha! However, the theme was different. It was gothic and dark bride.

Among all the photos, this was the BOMB! It is my favourite from the whole set. Don't you agree? Credits: Gowns from Fhonda's Cut and Style Hair and Makeup by me, StellaJezebelle Bouquets and flowers from Accents and Petals Photos by Dean Cuanso, Erwin Gobot, Edson Molintas, Richard Salupen

Makeup Academy Glamour Days Eyeshadow Palette Swatches and Review

This palette was given free along with my MUA purchase. They had it as a giveaway item for purchases made last June. How sweet is that?! MUA is so generous.
Glamour Days palette contains a collection of 12 highly pigmented eye shadows in shimmer and matte to suit different skin tones to create a glamorous day Cost: GBP4
Contains 12 gorgeous shades. 3 Shades are matte and the rest are sort of creamy frost shimmery shades. Shades are well designed and combined in one  palette that would be perfect for daytime and night time looks. Contains 7 neutral shades and 5 bright shades.

Packaging size is compact can fit a small purse so you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Closer look. Aren't they awesome?

Neutral shades.

Swatches with flash. On the top row, the 3rd and 4rth are matte and the 4rth color on the bottom.

This palette is amazing. Considering the price, it is so affordable yet you get a good quality product. Each shades are super pigmented as well. F…

Barry M Lip Paint in Peach #54 and Vibrant Pink #62 Swatches and Review

Barry M Lip Paints There is a shade to suit every occasion from soft, shimmering pastels to bold, vibrant colours. All Lip Paint's have a soft, smooth texture that is packed full of natural moisturisers to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours. Purchased from: Cost: GBP4.49 each Shades: (Left) #54 Peach, (right) #62 Vibrant Pink

#54 Peach on the left and #62 Vibrant Pink on the right. Gorgeeeee shades, right?
#54 Peach On actual lips:

#62 Vibrant Pink on actual lips:
Overall Impression:
The case/packaging is a matte black and appears with class and quality. It does not look cheap at all. However, compared with a Nyx Round Lipstick, it is smaller. Barry M Lip Paints are highly pigmented. These 2 shades I got are matte, and thus can appear flaky and dry if your lips are not moisturized. But, they appear really pretty and gorgeous but might be too bold and bright for some. These 2 are my current favourite for now over My Nyx Round Lipsticks.

MUA UK Cosmetics: Lip Boom Collection in OMG and Bring It Swatches and Review

Created with Alexandra Burke by MUA!! Lipstick and highlighting gloss that creates fuller curvaceous lips for a dramatic illusion of volume. There are 4 amazing ways to transform your lips and give them some Boom! 1. Lipstick alone for a matte look.
2. Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion.
3. Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.
4. Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish.
Cost: GBP 3 each.
On sale: GBP4 for 2 lip booms until July 3.
Purchased from: Shades I bought are in OMG and Bring It.
Lip Boom in OMG
On one end is a matte lipstick and on the end is the highlighter or gloss with sparkling glitters.

Lip Boom in OMG matte lipstick and highlighter swatches on hand without flash.
Lip Boom OMG matte lipstick alone on lips.

Lip Boom OMG matte lipstick and highlighter on actual lips.

Lip Boom Bring It 

Lip Boom Bring It matte lipstick and highlighter swatches on hand.
Lip Boo…