Airbrush Make up Trial: Before and After

In a previous post, I have talked about my newly purchased Dinair Airbrush Kit. I have shown you an overview about the kit. Its contents, price, and loads of photos. =)

Of course, I had to read the instructions and watch the dvd that comes with it before I tried to use it. I can say its not bad, its not that hard to learn how to use it. Now, I have given it a few tries and here are some before and after shots. 

Here's a photo of me without any make up. I just prepped it with a toner and moisturiser. I have this large zit under my nose. Have numerous pimple spots around my mouth. Also, notice how it is dark around my mouth, corners of my nose and under the eyes. By the way, all of these photos are untouched. They were all uploaded directly from my camera. No photoshop or whatsoever.

And a closer look of the lower half of my face. You can clearly see the imperfections. Many spots and uneven skin tone.

And here's after using the Dinair Airbrush Kit. I started with the make up base or foundation only. Do you see a difference now? Yes, evened out skin tone! The pimple spots and blemishes are minimized as well. 

And here's the lower half of my face. Compare it with the photo above. Appears better now, right? Also, can you tell that make up was applied here? That's one of the beautiful effects of airbrush. It appears like you don't have any foundation on. The skin appears natural and clean. Comparing this photo in real life, You can't I have foundation on. Just perfect for people who doesn't want heavy make up.

And here's a complete look with hair, brows, eyes, cheeks and lips done. Only the make up base or foundation is airbrush. The rest are traditional. Color Institute brown pencil on the brows. Urban Decay NAked PAlette one on the eyes with EverBilena Waterproof black eye pencil as liner. MUA bronzer and Sleek Blush in Flamingo on the cheeks. And Nyx Round Lipstick in Fig and NYX Round Lipgloss in Pinky Natural. Again, this photo is untouched. No photo editing or whatsoever.

I will be trying to do the brows, eyes, etc with airbrush next. Just give me time to get the hang of it and I will update you soon.

And here's my Dinair Airbrush Kit which cost me a fortune. So you guys better book you makeovers with me (for Baguio and Benguet areas only). So I can get my investement back.. haha!

What's good about airbrush.

1. It's sanitary. No damp sponges, brushes needed. You don't have to touch you or your client's face as well..
2. Compact and easy. All you have to bring with you is your compressor, gun, and liquid makeups.
3. Appears natural and clean. No streak marks from brushes, no cakey face.
4. Lasts a long long time without touch ups. Doesn't smudge or stain clothes that much as compared to traditional make up.

The downside I guess is its quite heavy on the pocket. But, if you are after a beautiful you for an extra special occassion, why not? This kit cost me, 12000Php, costum tax excluded. I bought mine online straight from the US. I have searched online and Airbrush makeup service starts from 2,500Php and can go to as high as Php35000. That is per head.

And that's about it.
Thank you for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed reading and staring at my not perfect photos.
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Thank you!


  1. wow that's so cool! *_* i heard so many great things about airbrush makeup but i never actually got the time to try it. i do indeed see the difference on you too! i love the matte finish it gives! but indeed, sounds very expensive :X

    btw, you know how your cursor leaves a trail? i didn't notice it at first...i thought there were some tiny bugs coming down my laptop screen and i was like WHATTTT?!?!? hehhe.

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