Eyebrow Make Over

My cousin, Jennifer paid a visit at home last time and to use the internet for her research project. Then, I noticed her bushy brows and decided to give it a makeover. Glad she agreed.

Here's how bushy brows look like. God knows a lot of wild animals must be living in there. They are long, and a lot of stray hair everywhere.

First step, I measure the start, arch and end point for her brows.

As usual, the most common and easy way to do it is the pencil/brush technique. You alll know this, I have a previous post about it HERE.

With a white pencil liner,  I outlined the brow shape I desired for her.

I plucked out any stray hair outside the white outline.

Then I brushed down all brows to reveal the long ones.

And with a tiny pair of scissors, I cut the long hairs that are beyond the line.

See how it's starting to look neat now?

After plucking and cutting, I erased the white eyeliner.

And finally moved on to shading her brows as done with the same steps HERE.

See how neat and fab they look now? Jennifer liked the result and she was happy.


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