Tiffany Fusion Grey Contact Lenses Review

CountessHenri Glamshoppe was one of my sponsors during my first Makeup Workshop. She gave out 3 pairs of Tiffany Lenses to be displayed and shown to my participants. I received Tiffany lenses in Fusion Grey, Bella Black and Femme Violet which I will be reviewing one by one.

I will be reviewing them one by one. First up is Tiffany in Fusion Grey. Every purchase from CountessHenri Glamshoppe  comes with a free lens case and good service.

Tiffany Contact Lenses are manufactured in Korea and is good to last for a year with proper care. Tiffany Fusion Series are three toned lenses with 16mm diameter. Water content is 45%.

A closer look on the lenses alone.

Me wearing Tiffany Fusion Series in Grey. 

Photo in vintage style.

See how beautiful and natural looking these lenses are?

Before I give out my impression on these lenses, I would like to thank Henri of CountessHenri Glamshoppe for granting my request to sponsor these lenses. She is a Baguio based online seller of different contact lens brands from Geo, Sparkle, Tiffany, etc. She sells in retail and wholesale as well. Aside from lenses, she also has kanekalon wigs, bags, and other fashion accessories.  She caters to nationwide buyers.

Her Tiffany Lenses are Php399.00 each pair and comes with a free lens case and good service. She also accepts resellers. She ships nationwide, too. Check out her page CountessHenri Glamshoppe for more info.

And now to my review, I have been using Geo and Sparkle lenses before. Geo and Japanese Big Eye lenses were so far the most comfortable lenses I have used before I got to try Tiffany. This Tiffany lenses are also comfortable, however, my eyes feel a little bit uneasy with them after prolonged use. I have thought probably because of their large diameter, which is 16mm, whereas, Geo was only 14mm and Japanese Big Eye was 14.5mm. But, I am certainly in love with the color. It is a three toned grey lens. I have not used other colored lenses apart from black and grey because I am more into the natural look. Tiffany Fusion grey appears natural. It does not have the bright colorful hue that's like saying "HEY I AM WEARING COLORED LENSES". They give an illusion of large eyes. They appear lovely and tantalizing. Just look at my photo above and you'll see. Haha!

Hope you had fun reading this post. Btw, when you will purchase from Henri, pls don't forget to say I sent you.


  1. hi there! :) hope u could join my giveaway! heres the link:

  2. What a nice review. And a very nice looking reviewer too. Haha.
    Anyways, I really like your post. I also agree that those contact lenses make your eyes look lovely and tantalizing. ^,^
    By the way, you ever need an eye check up or eyeglasses for women, feel free to visit this site. This store is my favorite. :D

    1. Hi Catherine, thank you for your comment.
      I'm checking the site now. ^_^

    2. oh, it's EO. I purchased my frames from them. EO in SM Baguio..


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