The Forest Lodge Experience: "Apartment" Room

Comfy bed, yeah?

And here's the continuation of my The Forest Lodge Experience, a hotel review. This post shows the room or say, apartment-like room, we stayed in overnight.

Our room was No. 360 located at the third floor of the building so we took the lift to get there. The elevator cube was walled with mirrors which I didn't take photos of (dang). Of course, the automated key card opened the door, and guess what, it was a power key, too. You insert the card in this white box thingy and poof, lights turn on. And you leave it there while you stay in the room to keep the electric power going. Then you take it off when you go out and don't forget to bring it with you. Otherwise, you get the "ugh, I left the key" problem.

The design of our room was vast and spacious. It wasn't a room actually. It was an apartment. Here's the dining table and the couch. Floor was carpeted wall to wall, as well. 

On the table was a plate of yummy cakes Chelsea ate. It had a welcome note, too.

And here is the living room. There is a television on top of a big cabinet table. (Sorry no photo.)

The dining area and living room has a wonderful view, too- a sight of tall green pine trees! This is one of the reasons why tourists and visitors come up to Baguio.

Moving on to the bedroom. The room we had had 1 large super big bed. Probably 4-5 averaged sized Filipino could fit on here.

The large window shows a beautiful site as usual, refreshing greens. With a cold breeze, too.

The bedroom also has a walk in wardrobe and a bath room. 

The super large cabinet. And look, a bath robe is hanging. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use that.

Now this is my favorite part- a vanity table with a large mirror and a hair dryer mounted on the wall! How cool is that? Most hotels I have been, where we prepare the bride and entourage for weddings, do not have hair dryers! As a hair and makeup artist, it's such a hassle to bring bulky hair dryers during makeup gigs. I wish all rooms in all hotels in Baguio do this like The Forest Lodge does. On the left are personal hygiene kits ready for use in the bathroom. Mind you, the wrappers used are made from recycled paper. How environmentally friendly. Cleanliness without hurting mother earth.

By the way, our room had 2 bathrooms. 1 was connected to the bedroom and the other one was beside the mini kitchen. Here's the bathroom beside the mini kitchen. Hot and cold shower in service. There's just one thing missing, a bath tub. Ha ha! Or am i just asking too much? he he.

And here's the mini kitchen. Told ya, it wasn't a room. It was an apartment.

Coffee, tea, water, anyone? Yep, you can get them from the kitchen.

Microwave and a mini fridge available, too. Who wants a midnight snack? Of course you have to bring your own food. They're empty when you check in.

And yes, Chelsea and I absolutely enjoyed our stay here.

It was surprising to see our room this large. I repeat, it's not a room. It's an apartment at the price of a room. The room is so spacious a family can fit. Everything you need is in here. The room we got is with a bedroom, a dining area, a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. The bed was spacious, had soft big pillows and a huge blanket. One thing I just don't like about the bed is that the middle was cushion-y  but it was like a hard cardboard was placed on top of it. My bed at home was softer. But the rest, the dining area, couch, kitchen and bathrooms are perfect. My favorite part of all is the bathroom. It was clean, smelt fresh, had a large mirror, a sink, and a hot shower.

I loved it. I simply loved it. I certainly enjoyed our stay. This experience was like living the city style in a country side.

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PS: I am not sure what room type was this, but here's a guide to their rates:

Superior Room (2-4 persons), Php 2900.00

Deluxe Room (2-5 persons), Php 3,300.00
One Bedroom Suite (3-6 persons), Php 5400.00

For reservations and Inquiries:

The Forest Lodge is located at
Camp John Hay, Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600, Philippines
Tel Nos: (6374) 424-0931 to 47/50 to 53
Toll Free Nos: (632) 584-4911/584-4892
Facsimile: (6473) 424-0960 to 61
Email Address: