The Forest Lodge Experience: The Twist Breakfast

The Twist Breakfast

 And of course, The Forest Lodge experience would not be complete without a meal. Our breakfast was served by "The Twist" Restaurant. 

 Here's our long breakfast table specially "reserved" for us.

 The pastry, dessert, and wine counter.

And here's our very satisfying, and overflowing breakfast. On the upper right photo is a rice meal which was served to each one of us. It was composed of a cup of fried garlic rice. It came with three kinds of viand, corned beef with potatoe, sausage and scrambled egg. Lower right is a platter of mixed fruits of watermelon, papaya, pineapple, apple, orange and banana. (Mouth watering, yeah?) And on the left was another plateful of pandesal with 3 different jam fillings of mango, pineapple and strawberry. Too bad I was already full I was not able to taste them.

And yep, another batch of very satisfying carbos! Ha ha! Upper left is I don't know the name. They are baked pastries of course with blue berries and strawberry filling on top. Lower left is a hot coffee which I mistakenly thought of a hot choco. (My co-blogger Ane actually ordered this coffee but I thought it was choco and so I sipped it. When in fact I wanted hot choco.) And on the right is again,  I didn't ask the name but another large platter of loaves with nuts on top. I was not able to try this because yeah, with the other plateful of delights they served us, there was no more enough space in my tummy.

The breakfast at "The Twist" restaurant is another plus point for The Forest Lodge. It was very very satisfying.
The rice meal was already enough for an adult person. The fried garlic rice was well cooked with just the right amount of seasonings. The corned beef and sausage was not too greasy or oily. The scrambled egg, too was tasty. Th mixed fruits were also served fresh and crunchy. The pastry with the blue berry and strawberry filling was also good. It was not too sweet but rather just right. However, I cannot really differentiate the taste between the blue berry and the strawberry. They tasted the same. I don't know or maybe it's just me. The coffee too, which I thought was choco,  is love. It was filled with froth which I like. 

Sadly, I cannot tell you the taste or deliciousness (is this the right word?) of the other 2 breads. If only I had 2 stomachs I would have tried them, too. he he. And apart from the hot coffee, hot choco, water and tea were also served. (Sorry no photo. I was busy eating.)

My final words, I would love to have another delighting breakfast at The Twist restaurant in The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, Baguio City when I'll have the chance.

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