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Jim's Retro Diner Take Two

A 50's Diner restaurant is a typical American eating place with a traditional 1960's retro ambiance and design that is common in the US. It basically serves Uncle Sam's signature foods like burgers, fries and club sandwiches. And did you know that Baguio City, Philippines has 50's diner restaurants, too?

1950's inspired lighted billboard. Just look at the cute red cadillac there, how retro.

One of them is Jim's Retro Diner. It is found at the left side entrance of La Azotea Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines. It is owned by Mr. James Sayang-od, a genuine cordilleran retro/vintage hobbyist who once dreamed of his own diner restaurant. His dream has finally operated on April 2011.

The large sign light above the entrance.
As mentioned earlier about Mr James' interest, the colorful photos above reflect his passion. Bright and vibrant lighted billboard signs are a common signature of the 50's era.

The door entrance.
Upon entrance, you will start to feel Manilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley's timezone. The color motif is white, red and black. The floor is checkered design in black and white.

Table sets and couches are red and schemed in a back to back pattern. Very retro! 

The guy standing in a grey shirt is Mr. James, the owner.
1950's vintage photos are also framed all over the place. They portray the classic vintage icons Manilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Vintage cars, commercial posters, and many others are also displayed on the wall.

This is the counter where the good looking waiters and waitresses  take your orders.

Jim's Retro Diner is open from 8am to 12am. 16 hours of service a day! Whew! 

But what's special about this restaurant?
Of course, THE FOOD!
If you have read my first blogpost about this restaurant, I showed you some of the BIG FOODS served here. Apart from the BIG FOODS for BIG APPETITES, Jim's Retro Diner also have other several edges which  makes them really special and stand out from the others. 
Here are just a few:
1. Their recipes satisfy both Filipino and non Filipino tastes.
2. They only use fresh and local vegetable ingredients from Baguio and Benguet.
3. Their pizza dough, breads and buns are freshly baked at home daily.
4. Relaxing and reminiscing retro music on air.
5. 98% pest free environment.

Now let's get to the reason why this restaurant was built----> SUMPTUOUS FOOOODS!

Of course, 50's Diner Restos are known for their burgers, fries and sandwiches, which you can absolutely find in Jim' Diner. However, Jim's has a wide range menu including rice meals, pasta dishes and VERY SATISFYING LARGE SERVINGS OF PIZZA! Pizza sizes are available in 6", 10", 12" and 14". Price ranges from as low as Php89 to Php590.

Jim's Mega Supreme and Seafood Hunters Pizza.
Jim's Mega Supreme Pizza
Jim's Mega Supreme Pizza is generously topped with ham, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, chicken sausage, peanuts, onions, bell peppers, mushroom and pineapple. This is one of the restaurant's main specialty. 

Seafood Hunters Pizza
Seafood Hunters Pizza is the right one for non meat eaters. It is stuffed with sea creatures like shrimp, squid, crabs sticks. Of course, bell pepper, onions and pesto are there for added taste.

Alfredo and Four Cheese Pizza.
Alfredo Pizza
Now this is my favourite. Alfredo pizza contains two kinds of cheese, Ricotta and Mozzarella. Meat ingredients are chicken strips and bacon with mushroom and onions.

Four Cheese Pizza
As the names suggest, four kinds of cheese are combined to make this Four Cheese Pizza. These are mozzarella, cheddar, ricotta and Parmesan cheese. Cheesy!

I cannot say anything bad nor negative about these pizzas. They are all to crave for. You can tell that the crusts are freshly made and baked. They are chewy and tasty. You will definitely eat everything and not leave even a tiny bit of a crust. The meat ingredients are tasty you can tell whether its fish, bacon or chicken. The vegetable toppings are all fresh and crunchy. Mind you, they are also served hot and fresh from the oven!

Large cut fries.
Their french fries are also healthy snacks, appetizers or side dish. They are made from real and newly harvested Benguet potatoes. They are not the dehydrated and processed frozen fries we buy from the supermarket.  You will definitely forget about going to the large M and the fat bee fastfoods if you have tried Jim's french potato fries.

Of course, meals can never be complete without beverages. Here are some of the drink we were served.
Four Seasons

Special Iced Tea
And here's a new addition to the menu family, VIRGINIA SUMMER'S PLATTER MEAL. It is named after the owner's daughter. This one large platter contains 2 slices of aloha pizza, 1 piece fried chicken, pasta spaghetti, garden salad, french fries, 2 pcs of garlic bread and an iced tea. One platter cost Php230. It could feed 2 hungry mouths.
This platter is a good and practical order if you want to taste almost everything about Jim's Retro Diner. It already contains pasta, pizza, bread, meat, etc. As I have said, the french fries are real and freshly cooked potatoes. You can tell they are freshly harvested and had never gone any preserving procedures. Also, they come from the local farmers. the pizza and the bread are chewy and tasty. They are NOT toasted hard and dry. The chicken is juicy and tasty from the inside. The garden salad is a mix of crunchy cucumber, tomatoes, and lettuce with mayo and ketchup dressings. Now, the pesto spaghetti pasta impressed me. The first time I tasted pesto pasta (it was from a different restaurant), I didn't like the taste of it. I was like eating diced and crushed bitter sunflower leaves. And that experience gave me a bad impression on pesto, ever! BUT, Jim's Diner  pesto spaghetti changed that. I tasted cloud 9 when i tried their pesto dishes, the pizza and the pasta. The pasta also had chunky shrimps in it.

I will definitely come and eat here again next time, with my family and friends. So if you are in Baguio, or will be going to Baguio, you should not miss this out. It is not hard to find as well. 


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