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Pink Love Makeup Look

Pink eyeshadow maybe an intimidating color to wear in the day. But it can still worn in school, office or casually just so you apply them subtly. Pink is my all time favourite color since I was a child. n this post, I'm showing you how I wear it. Read more pls

I'm Now a Part of Avon Philippines Makeup Council

To those who have been following me, you I have joined Avon's You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge. And just no, they have officially released the 20 bloggers who are now part of the Makeup Council, and yes! I got in! Thank you so much to those who voted for me. I do appreciate it. Specially to the guys who liked the Avon's page just so they could vote. Ha ha! Thank you so much!
See all the official release here:

Avon Cosmetics Loot for the You Make It Beautiful Blogger's Challenge

In my previous post Avon's You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge where it was my entry for the contest, we used Avon cosmetics provided by the company. Read on below to see each of the products given to us.

Baguio Central Park Restaurant

It was a cold and rainy afternoon when my husband accompanied me to a makeup gig. I home serviced a law student for their night event at a residential compound along Kisad Road. After my work, the rain was still pouring hard so we thought of having coffee around. We passed by Central Park Restaurant nearby and decided for an early dinner instead. Read more to see how it went.

Makeup for Eye Glasses

Depending on the lens of your eyeglasses, your eyes may recede or protrude. In my case, my eyes recede behind the lenses so this post shows you how to do a simple makeup look that'll make the eyes stand out behind eyeglasses. Read more to see how I do it.

I'm Thirsty, I Need a SIP

Tea drinks have become common and famous with varying recipes, flavors and mixes. That may be hot or cold but the iced one is the craze nowadays. SIP, awesomest drinks on earth, invited the Cordillera Bloggers for a taste testing event right in their store. Read more to know about their thirst-SIPtifying tea drinks and mixes.

Avon YMIB Blogger Challenge- Sultry Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Entry

I really wasn't expecting to get into the semifinals for Avon's You Make It Beautiful Blogger Challenge. Along with the other 26 semifinalists, our challenge is to create a makeup tutorial following themes set by Avon. We were provided with products to use with rules and exemptions. I have chosen sultry smokey eyes as my theme. Read more to see how I did it.

Women 3.0 Women Entrepreneurs Online

With Google Business Group Baguio's advocacy to help business using online technology, Women 3.0 was held on August 6, 2013 at Azalea Residences, Baguio City with another purpose to empower women entrepreneurs online. Read more for the news.