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Something will happen at Aeon Mall

It was 1:20 am on a Saturday morning when I received an unexpected email. The unfamiliar sender asked how I was. And he had an irresistible request I just couldn't say no. I looked at the signature and my eyes just widened out. My jaw dropped. My heart stopped. My fingers froze on my phone. Well,

Why I love and hate June

June had been a critical month for me. Tried changing workplace, moving to a new apartment and stuff. Paid bills and other expenses and it was so hard on the pocket. However, Jehovah's still good and still blesses me and helps me to cope up with everyday's challenges. Despite the hard situation this month, I would not

How to do the perfect cat eyes

Cat eyes make you look fierce and perhaps wild. Here's a quick video I made using a product that's famous in Thailand. It is endorsed by Thai model Min Pechaya Wattanamontree . It is