Current Skin Care Products

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My current skincare products.

When it comes to beauty with health, I think it is wise to invest on skincare products rather than on cosmetics. Natural is more beautiful than artificial aesthetics. This time, I am on the journey of trying and looking for the best skin care set for me. My skin is in a bad condition now. I still can't figure out what causes my break outs. There are times my skin is in a good shape but there are times it goes bad. But anyway,  I would like to share with you current skincare products I am using which I hope would battle out this ugly pimple marks and spots.Here are they (not in a specific order):

1-2. Cleansing soaps. (Brand name removed due to company's policy). I mainly use this for the body but sometimes I use this alrernatively with my facial cleansers.

3. Tony Moly Perfect Micro Scrub Foam. I use this to wash off my make up at the end of the day. It is good for stubborn eyeliners that are long lasting. Doesn't sting the eyes as well.

4. Missha Facial Choco Cacao Scrub. A facial scrub is an important part for my skin care routine. I use it to scrub off the flakes, dried pimples, whiteheads and dirt off my face. It has micro sugar grits that kick off all the dirts. Not only you get squeaky clean skin after, but you enjoy the yummy scent while scrubbing.

5. Mistine Acne Clear Facial Foam. I use this alternately with the Tony Moly Facial Foam, whichever I feel like using.

6. Tony Moly Apple Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack. This whitening pack is also amazing. I use it when my face appears dark and dull. It effectively works in just 10 minutes. I have reviewed these here: Tony Moly Tomatox 

7. Etude House Lip Scrub. Everyday I ride a motorbike going to work and the wind just dries my lips. So I use this to scrub off the dry flakes and get it back its smoothness.

8. Tony Moly Egg Pore Cleanser. Cambodia is a hot and humid country so expect your whiteheads to pop out on your nose and chin area. This happens to me and this pore cleanser is just a great help.

9-11. Missha Time Revolution White Cure Essential Toner, Missha Time Revolution White Cure Essential and Missha Time Revolution White Cure Essential Lotion.
I already emptied my Etude House Moist Skincare set and now I am on the road with these brightening skin care brand from Korea. Got them when they were on 50% off promo from Missha Cambodia.

I have also blogged about my Bathroom Essentials HERE. 

How about you? What skincare products do you use?