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NYX Cosmetics Collection and Review

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NYX cosmetics fills up about 50% of my makeup collection. It is one of the great quality beauty kits with reasonable prices that I have tried. They are budget friendly to consumers but don't sacrifice the quality. In this post, I am showing my current NYX Cosmetics makeup collection and what I generally think about them.

I have at least 2 or more products for each areas of the face from the cheeks to the eyes to lips. Most of the products here were bought by my own money and some were given by the generous NYX Cosmetics Cambodia during a makeup guesting event. Some of the items I bought from the Philippines and some were purchased from NYX Cambodia.

First photo up there are face products I love and use everyday. They are:

HD Studio Photogenic Grinding Powder. This was given to me by NYX Cosmetics Cambodia. There was a makeup event at AEON Mall, Phnom Penh and NYX invited me to do a makeup show for them. In return, they gave me a happy bag full of makeup candies and chocolates! This HD powder certainly stands for its name. It is used to set the makeup base. It makes the skin appear smooth, makes pores appear smaller and of course reduces shine.

Stay Matte but not Flat Liquid Foundation.  The shade I got has a yellow tone and perfectly fits my Asian skin. It has a light to medium coverage and I love to mix it with my BB cream for extra skin nourishment. 

Mosaic Blush Powder. I have a collection of similar blush shade but I still have to get this. It has melony, pinkish, mauve and beige tiles on it that blends all together when you pick it up and apply on your cheeks. It just gives shades that a combination of orange and strawberry milkshake. Gorgeous!

Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer. Hands down to this cream concealer. It perfectly covers my blemishes and its cream, so thick enough to hide them. I also use this to brighten up under eyes.

HD Liquid Concealer. This concealer is a must- have! I think this is even better than the Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer. It covers blemishes well, and my favorite use for this is for the under eye circles. The shade I got has a slight yellow tone and excellently covers dark circles. It makes the under eye area healthy looking and not greyish or whitish unlike other concealers do.

NYX, nyx makeup, nyx foudnation, concealer, hd makeup, bbloggers, pinay beauty blogger, makeup artist, phnom penh, cambodia, blush, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, beauty,

Next set are eye products. Products for the  eye brows down to the lower lid.

NYX Makeup Artist Kit. This all in one makeup artist's bestie contains brow shades, contour powders, blushes, bronzers, lip colors and pans of eye shadows. This was also provided by NYX Cambodia. This kit is great for a grab-and-go makeup gig as it contains most of the products you'll be needing. Just add a bottle of foundation then off you vanish.

NYX Eye Pencils.  I have got a lavender and an emerald green shade. I wanted to create looks using these shades so I had to get these pencils. I am not quite impressed by their color pay off but can still be used as eyeshadow base. I will make a detailed review with swatches for these products soon.

NYX Lash Curler. I love this curler. A staple in my kit. The curved parts that contains the rubber and cages your lashes when you  squeeze it perfectly lines up with my eye curve line (hard to describe!). Some lash curlers are too curvy and small for my eyeballs, while some are too long and can't get all the lashes in. But this NYX lash curler sits right on my lids, captures all lashes to curl them. It also doesn't have a spring for bouncy squeezes so I don't tire my hands squeezing.

Eyebrow Cake Kit. I have already reviewed and featured this in my youtube video linked here. I also loves this, I am obssessed with it. It comprises a wax and two shades of eyebrow powders. Click this to see the review post and video on it.

NYX Gel Liner and Smudger. I don't know what to say about this. First time I use this I loved it and I use it a lot. However, because of its form, a gel, it dries up and becomes less impressive. I don't use it much lately because yeah, it hardened a little bit unlike before, it was soft and creamy and easy to apply.

Waterproof Khol Pencil Liner. I prefer this over the Gel liner. This black pencil liner is easily to apply, very black, smdugeproof and waterproof. I use it to line my lashline and waterline. Obviously, it's gone short in the photo because it is one of my most reached items.

Doll eye mascara. I am also not impressed by this mascara. It suppose to make your lashes like a doll's lashes. Thick, flirty and curly but it didn't happen to me. Maybe perhaps because my lashes were just naturally thin and short. Also, the make of the mascara liquid was watery and my lashes prefer wax based ones to hold the curl and thicken up the follicles.

Jumbo Eye Pencils. I bought this from the Philippines and brought them here to Cambodia with me. They are pigmented, creamy and so great for eyeshadow bases.

Pin Up Tease Mascara. I don;t use this mascara that often as well. I think it is water based and it not just right for my lashes. After I curl my lashes and apply these, water content damps the curls and they go back to straight again. I have to wait for the mascara to dry then curl my lashes back again.

Lastly for this set, The Runway Collection Jazz Night Eyeshadow Palette. This is one of the very first makeup item I bought when I arrived to the Kingdom of Wonders. I can say the color pay off is 4-5 out of 10. Not very impressed. I use it to play with makeup but may also serve as a back up eye shadow.

NYX, nyx makeup, nyx foudnation, concealer, hd makeup, bbloggers, pinay beauty blogger, makeup artist, phnom penh, cambodia, blush, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, beauty,

And here's the lip set. Tubes and sticks for the pouty labia.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil. These pencils were onsale at NYX Cosmetics Cambodia. I got a deep brick red shade, a fuschia, a baby pink nude (not in picture, my friend took it) and a nude one. They are creamy and very slidy on the lips so careful on bleed outs when you wear this.

NYX Long Lip Pencil. The white pencil in the photo is actually an eyeliner and got mixed up with the lip liners. I have a brown and edge pink lip pencils. I love these lip pencils from NYX because they are very pigmented, can be worn alone without lipstick or cream and they last for a long long long time on the lips even when you eat, drink or talk.

NYX Lip Cream. I got this from back home in PH and I rarely use it. I am not really a gloss girl and I prefer mattes over gloss because I don't like the thick sticky feeling on the lips.

NYX Round Lip Gloss. Obviously almost used up and the tubes are already worn out. I got this from the PH, too and they are the mostly used items as well. I prefer these over the exreme lip creme. These round lip glosses feel light and don't feel icky. The lip creme is just thick and I feel like theres a pile of mud on my lips.

And yep, there goes my NYX Makeup Collection with short reviews. Pls do check out the rest of my posts and I would love it if you do leave comments and share this post on your social media accounts by using the share buttons below.

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