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How to Achieve Flawless Skin: Basic Skincare Routine

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For sure everybody wants flawless beautiful skin. But what is the secret to that? Expensive beauty products? Dermatological treatments? Genes? These are only a few of the many means and factors but don't you know there's an easy, inexpensive and almost free way to achieve beautiful skin that you and anybody else can do? Read on below about this.
Nothing beats the basics to achieve the complex. Basic skin care I think is the key to beautiful glowing skin. Prevent break outs, dry skin, pigmentation and other skin problems with just 3 basic steps. Makeup is just a temporary remedy  to beautiful skin but basic skin care is the long term foundation.

My (Most Important) Basic Skin Care Routine
1. Cleanse
2. Tone
3. Moisturize

Cleansing or washing is getting rid of all the oil, dirt and including makeup on your face. It is a must to remove any dirt or product on your face before going to sleep. No matter how tired you are, sacrifice to cleanse your face. You don't want any oil, dirt or residue sitting on your face the whole night your are sleeping. Mold might grow on them. Let your skin breathe.

There are a lot of products out there to cleanse your face. May it be facial foams, liquids, soaps or even wipes. They are also available in different formulas to suit different skin conditions and different purposes. There are those for normal, oily, dry, and combination type of skin. There are also those for moisturizing or bleaching and whitening.

TIP: To thoroughly clean your face, massage the lather all over your face for one whole minute. Just count 60 seconds while your washing.

I have been using Pond's Facial Cleansers since high school and its the one that works best for me. Knowing the right formula is trial and error. Find what works best for you.

Toners are second liner cleansers. Whatever your facial wash or soaps did not remove are cleaned up by toners. Toners are usually in liquid or serum form. It can be applied by using a cotton pad or spraying it all over the face. Toners also help condition your skin pores and bring back skin moisture stripped off from washing.

Just like cleansers, it can also have different formulas like whitening, bleaching, moisturizing, detox, anti-aging and many more. Alcohol free toners are milder and safer for the skin as compared to astringents which contain alcohol and other harsh chemicals that gives a stinging sensation when used.

Aside from the toner, moisturizers also contain vitamins and nutrients for the skin. This is where holy grail facial skin care products are incorporated. You may use night creams that are for anti-aging, whitening and other purposes. Bleaching or whitening creams are best applied at night because you don't go out and stay under the sun. The more the product is potent. In contrast, day creams you use should or may have SPF contents to protect you from sun damage.

After the moisturizer,you can now apply makeup as this routine is also my skin preparation for makeup.

These three are the important basic things that must be incorporated in our lives. They help maintain clear, beautiful and healthy skin, and also prevents skin problems. All genders and ages from adolescents, to adults to mature men and women. Yes, even including men.  Makeup is not everything about beauty. It is only superficial and like a clothing that covers stretchmarks. I may skip makeup but not this three. Beauty must come from within and not just superficial. We must also take care of our skin's health.

There are also other skin care procedures like facial scrubs, masks, massages, and even high technological treatments like diamond peeling and others but these are the only basic facial skin care interventions that are almost free and economical, can be done at home at your own time, and anybody can do.

I myself don't have perfect skin. But these three steps helps me prevent other skin problems and somehow improve my skin's condition. I also have used different products and brands that led me to break outs. My advice, if you have found something that works best for you, stick with it.

I hope this post has helped you in any way. I will be writing more about other basic beauty tips and must knows.

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a dermatologist or an expert on skin care and health. I am just a beauty enthusiast who wants to share my simple tips and tricks I use and do.


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