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August 29, 2012

SHOP FEATURE: Women's Little Pleasures

Women's Little Pleasures (Krave Mineral Official Distributor) is an online shop based in Baguio-Benguet. It is owned and run by Ms. Marie Jane Rosell Jaime. This shop was primarily created because of the owner's passion to skin care and makeup. It was just newly launched this August 2012.

This cosmetics store aims to cater little pleasures to a woman's heart. This shop is an official distributor of Krave Minerale Cosmeteuticals, a line of skin care and cosmetics which are organic. Aside from this, Women's Little Pleasures is also considering to have more skin care products and cosmetics brands in the future.

If you are in Baguio-Benguet are looking for organic, cruelty free and mineral skin care and makeups, just visit Women's Little Pleasures for Krave Minerale Cosmetics. This brand is expert in fighting oily skin, acneic, blemished and ageing skin. Products were formulated and manufactured in USA, JAPAN and AUSTRALIA. 

Click this photo to direct you to her product catalog online.

Ms Marie Jane also maintains a new blog called Mom's Little Pleasures. Go check it now.

Mom's Little Pleasures

Do you want your shop featured, too? READ HERE to know how.


So, my blog finally hit over 40,000 views (as of August 2012) and I am so happy about it! (I know 40k views may be small for some but it means a lot for new bloggers like me. And it's a sign of progress.)

With this milestone, my blog is now open for sponsorship or advertising. ^_^

Whether you have an online shop, a youtube channel, business establishment, a site or blog that needs to be read and seen, a facebook page that needs shout outs, events or occasions you wish to promote, or anything that is related HEALTH, FASHION and BEAUTY is welcome.


If you wish to know more about this SPONSORSHIP/ADVERTISING, please read more information and details HERE or click the hot pink link below.

You can also send me an email to or a message to I am online most of the time.

So yeah, I hope you guys consider work with me and let us support each other. 


PS: Help me reach 50,000 hit views and I will do a giveaway!

August 27, 2012

Tiffany Fusion Grey Contact Lenses Review

CountessHenri Glamshoppe was one of my sponsors during my first Makeup Workshop. She gave out 3 pairs of Tiffany Lenses to be displayed and shown to my participants. I received Tiffany lenses in Fusion Grey, Bella Black and Femme Violet which I will be reviewing one by one.

I will be reviewing them one by one. First up is Tiffany in Fusion Grey. Every purchase from CountessHenri Glamshoppe  comes with a free lens case and good service.

Tiffany Contact Lenses are manufactured in Korea and is good to last for a year with proper care. Tiffany Fusion Series are three toned lenses with 16mm diameter. Water content is 45%.

A closer look on the lenses alone.

Me wearing Tiffany Fusion Series in Grey. 

Photo in vintage style.

See how beautiful and natural looking these lenses are?

Before I give out my impression on these lenses, I would like to thank Henri of CountessHenri Glamshoppe for granting my request to sponsor these lenses. She is a Baguio based online seller of different contact lens brands from Geo, Sparkle, Tiffany, etc. She sells in retail and wholesale as well. Aside from lenses, she also has kanekalon wigs, bags, and other fashion accessories.  She caters to nationwide buyers.

Her Tiffany Lenses are Php399.00 each pair and comes with a free lens case and good service. She also accepts resellers. She ships nationwide, too. Check out her page CountessHenri Glamshoppe for more info.

And now to my review, I have been using Geo and Sparkle lenses before. Geo and Japanese Big Eye lenses were so far the most comfortable lenses I have used before I got to try Tiffany. This Tiffany lenses are also comfortable, however, my eyes feel a little bit uneasy with them after prolonged use. I have thought probably because of their large diameter, which is 16mm, whereas, Geo was only 14mm and Japanese Big Eye was 14.5mm. But, I am certainly in love with the color. It is a three toned grey lens. I have not used other colored lenses apart from black and grey because I am more into the natural look. Tiffany Fusion grey appears natural. It does not have the bright colorful hue that's like saying "HEY I AM WEARING COLORED LENSES". They give an illusion of large eyes. They appear lovely and tantalizing. Just look at my photo above and you'll see. Haha!

Hope you had fun reading this post. Btw, when you will purchase from Henri, pls don't forget to say I sent you.

Model's Own Hyperbrite Matte Lipstick in Annalise's Pink and Orangeade Swatches and Review

One of the hot trends and best selling lips products sold online here in the Philly are these gorgeous lipsticks. They are called Model's Own Hyperbrite Matte Lipsticks. I bought these from Sweety Pink Cosmetics for less Php265 each. Other online sellers sell it for Php300 and up. I was so attracted with these two shades in Orangeade(left) and Annalise's Pink (right). They are similar with Barry M Lip Paints in Peach #54 and Vibrant Pink #63 which I have already reviewed here.

And here are the gorgeous lippies. They are cased in see through plastic tube cases with white prints.

And here's how they look like inside. Indeed hyper bright shades. Very attractive.

You may not be impressed by 1 coat of the lip product as it will appear to be like a tinted lip balm or moisturizer.
The color is faint and patchy.

Two coats may be enough for a daily makeup look.

The more you add coats, the more the shade becomes vibrant and intense.

4 coats are lovely, vivid and really bright.

Model's Own Hyperbrite Matte Lipstick in Orangeade on my lips.

Model's Own Hyperbrite Matte Lipstick in Orangeade on my lips.

I am loving these! The shades are awesome. Perfect to brighten up your day. A good lip color for summer and bright days. You may also use these on gloomy days like this rainy season in the Philippines to give a little bit of color. I first bought the Barry M lip paints because of the shade, then I saw this and I was intrigued to try it out, too. I can say that O opt for these hyperbrites over the barry m ones. The barry m lip paints are matte and would appear flaky and dry on umoisturized lips. These Model's Own ones, though it says they're matte, are sort of creamy, sheer and moisturizing. The finishis similar to NYX round lipsticks. The consistency is also thick and creamy you know the product is highly pigmented. PLUS, one thing that I love the most about these lippies is the sweet, fruity, pleasant smell. I don't know how to describe it but some says its a vanilla-berry scent. It smells yummy like your eating a sweet dessert. Have you tried these, too? What shades do you have?

August 24, 2012

I-White Nose Pack Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover Review

iWhite Korea. Nosepack
Whiteheads and Blackheads Remover
0.12oz (3.6g)
Php18.00 at Watson's

Back print states:
"It is a solution that is effective in removing whiteheads and blackheads, eliminates deep-seated dirt, and other impurities. It minimizes pores and excess oil on the nose.

Directions for use: Wash face with iWhite Facial Wash. Apply ample amount of iWhite Nose Pack on the nose and spread the solution evenly. Wait for 15 minutes it until it dries and peel off from the base of the nose upward. For best results, use it 2-4 times a week."

I got two of the sachet packs for my personal trial.

Each sachet costs Php18.00 at Watson's.

The product is very much alike with Elmer's white glue,
just that this one is thicker and stickier in consistency.
(with flash)

(no flash)

And I applied it as per instruction. But not only on the nose but also above my chin because I feel many tiny bumps there which I would like to get rid off. (hopefully)

And after drying and peeling time, here's the fun but icky eeky part. 

Look at those unwanted tiny mushrooms from my face. haha!

It's easy to apply where I just used my fingers. However, some may feel inconvenient because of its stickiness which could be a mess and hard to remove. For me, I consumed my sachet for two uses because I also used it above my chin as the photo above shows. 1 sachet may be used 4-5 uses when used on the nose only. You would know the products starts to get dry when you feel it tightening on your skin. Once its completely dry, it is easier to peel it off as a whole. While peeling on the nose part, I felt like my facial hair were also being uprooted. A bit of ouch there. Then there's the result as photos prove. 

Before using this product, I actually expected it to pull all bumps and tiny heads from my skin that it would leave it smooth. But it did not. Though there were heads pulled out, I can still feel my skin is rough though minimized after using the product. Maybe using it regularly would improve my skin as I have only used it 2-3 times. 

Do you guys know any product that could help? better than iWhite? I need you advise and recommendations. Pls feel free to comment below.

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August 21, 2012

Etude House Haul

I have been on a hunt for good eyebrow products. As I was window shopping at SM, I stumbled on to Etude House. I only intended to purchase a brow mascara and a brow pencil. However, they were sort of in a promotional period where if you purchase with a minimum cost of Php500.00, you'll get a free mask and a pink card. So, here are the things I got.

This was my sole intention in going there, a brow gel/mascara with color. Color my Brows, Php328. 

But then, the saleslady asked me to get a few more items so I can get a free item and so I picked this Drawing Eye Brow pencil, Php128.00.

I was still a few digits short and I took this Pomegranate Mask Sheet, Php58.00, which completed my Php500 purchase.

And with that, this was given to me for free.

 Not only that, I also got a FREE ETUDE HOUSE Pink Membership Card which you use to earn points whenever you shop at Etude House. I will be making a separate post about this pink card thingy soon.

Thank you for stopping by to read and view.

Maquillagistry: Basic Personal Makeup Workshop I

I have been into the makeup industry for more than 2 years now. And with all the different makeup looks, tutorials and photo posts in my facebook, youtube and in this blog, I have earned friends, colleagues and other people who share my passion. I have received quite a number of requests, wishes and messages of how to's and advice. So, I have thought why not a makeup workshop? I was hesitant at first. I was worried it might not be successful, BUT because of support from friends and co-artists, I finally did it! 

And so, after more than a month of preparation and advertising, my makeup workshop was finally held, successfully! YAY! Probably this is the first makeup workshop held in Baguio, as far as I know. It was held on August 18th at Upper Fairview, Baguio City with 4 participants.  Below are some of the photos of what happened during the event.

Here is the ad used in promoting the event. Though I targeted 10 participants, only 4 slots were taken. I am still very thankful with these 4 ladies because with them, I know this is a gonna be a good start for more workshops in the future.

Our makeup buffet displayed in the venue.

The table set up.

Me lecturing and doing a demonstration with my model. (with zero makeup on)

With their five hundred peso look, I am not sure if they were listening intently or feeling sleepy or bored while I was doing some demos.

Checking on their hands-on obras.

Assisting them with each steps.

After the workshop was a pictorial showcasing their works! Yay! As you can see, their own makeup works were not bad at all.

And another group photo with their freebies!

You can view more of the behind-the-scene photos in my facebook act:

I hope you guys learned and at the same enjoyed the event!

And before I end this post, I would like to thank my friends, co-artists, sponsors and participants for making this first workshop possible, successful, and fun!


(Click each name to bring you to their sites and pages.)

Tara Lalaine Natividad

August 15, 2012

Graphic Eyes and Rhinestone Lips

It has been raining here in the Philippines for like forever and it never stops. I got bored and wanted to do something fun so I played with my makeup. After long time since my last video, filmed a tutorial on how to do this bold, winged, graphic eye with rhinestone studded black lips. This is something you won't wear on a daily basis unless you want to get all eyes on you. 

Rimmel liquid foundation set with Fanny Serrano 2way cake in Organza on skin and a little bit of contouring with Mary Kay powder. Color Institute brown pencil liner shaded and shaped the brows. Intense winged out eyeliner and black lip base is done still with Color Institute black pencil liner and set with Ever Bilena   single shadows in matte black. Rhinestones were glued with a lash adhesive.

Watch the how to video here:

My Youtube Videos