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Makeup Academy Bronzed Perfection Bronzer Swatches and Review

I can never get enough MUA products. Here's one of my most reached daily product and it's the LARGEST bronzer plate I've seen and tried so far- Makeup Academy Bronzed Perfection Bronzer. Wanna know the size? Read more.

Hotel Centro- Top Choice Lodging Center in Palawan

Philippines is surely a hit for summer get-aways and Palawan is one of the many choices for beach bummers. With it's paradise-like scenery and rich ecological resources, it should be your top choice for a vacation and of course, you need to be in the top choice hotels in the area, Hotel Centro. 

Homemade DIY Oatmeal Facial Mask

Skincare need not expensive. Derma is. But save those pennies and get into your kitchen to find natural, economical yet effective remedies for gorgeous looking skin. Here I share to you how to make your own oatmeal mask for clear, supple and soft skin. Read more pls.

Reblogged: Summer Giveaway! [Open Internationally]

"Hope you are all having a good weekend! Three months after my first one, I thought that it is about time that I did another giveaway! This one will have two winners, and is open worldwide! I wanted to thank all of my lovely readers for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Hopefully somebody who really likes this blog will win, because I really hate it when people unsubscribe from a blog as soon as a competition is over - so rude! So please if you are one of those persons, or you are not interested in my blog, kindly do not take part in the competition - so it would be fair on the persons who truly follow my blog, thanks! ^.^" - Lola Loves Sparkles
Visit the original blogpost to see the prizes and join through the rafflecopter app here ----> Summer Giveaway! [Open Internationally]

Reblogged: Misaraisu 2nd Be Pretty Kit Giveaway!

A lolita princess blogger I just recently and currently follow is having a giveaway on her blog. Read more to see.

Reblogged: Rainy Madness Giveaway!!!

Sam of Dishy SammyEyah of Eyahnism and Gen-zel of Genzel Kisses collaborated to throw a huge huge giveaway! Read more to see.

Makeup Academy 3 in 1 Contour Pen Liner Swatches and Review

I just can't stop trying Makeup Academy products. They're affordable and most got really nice quality. In this post I'm showing you the Makeup Academy Contour Pen Liners in 5 shades: Black, Dark Brown, Auburn, Sea Blue and Smoked Plum. Read more to see the photos and what I think about it.

How to Tame Dry Frizzy Hair Instantly

My hair has become dull, dry and frizzy every after shower because of regular chemical hair treatments and use of hot tools. So, after shower when my hair dries, the tips curl and are very dry and coarse. This post shows you how I quickly fix the dry ends and transform them to shiny straight mane so read more.

100K Total Views Thank You Giveaway (CLOSED)

This month of July is a special one because I finally reached over 100,000 of total page views. Yahoo! It may be not much as compared to really popular beauty blogs out there but it means much to me. So to give my readers in return, I'm putting up a giveaway. Read more to enter...

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer

One of the most must-haves during this rainy season in the Philippines is a good hand cream or moisturizer. During the rainy days, it may get cold and windy, thus very drying to the skin. In this post, I am going to talk about Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer. Read more below...

Smart Communications PayITfwd Baguio Launching

Just recently, Cordillera Bloggers was invited by Smart Communications to attend and witness the launching of "payItfwd", a new social development  initiative that aims to enable the spread of social good acts or 'smart acts' with the use of technology. The event was held at City Travel Hotel, Baguio City on July 16, of this year.
What is payITfwd? What is it all about? Read more to know.

Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Classic smokey eyes are a favorite by many. It's a quick and easy look to attain with fewer tools and products. It can be worn daily or on a  night out. Read more below t see how I do it with minimal and easy-to-access products.

Stella Jezebelle X Firmoo Giveaway (CLOSED)

Firmoo? Firmoo? Firmoo? What is Firmoo? Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. And just the other day, I received an email from their staff Antonio about a giveaway collaboration with their company. How sweet. So, who wants to win $20 E-vouchers or a pair of free glasses including shipping? If you do, then Read more to know how.

Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion First Impression

I was one of the lucky winners for The Beauty Junkee and Bifesta's giveaway recently. They have sent me a 30ml Bifesta Age Care Cleansing Lotion with a makeup pouch and a mini canvas bag as a prize. So, what is Bifesta? Read more to know.

Trio Beauty Giveaway!

Here's a giveaway for this month y'all! Three beauty bloggers Riza, Genzel and I, Stella are doing a giveaway for you guys. Read more to enter.

Homemade DIY Eye Makeup Remover

Don't you hate it when the most consumed products are the expensive ones? One is makeup removers where the cheapest brand I saw was more than a hundred pesos for 120 ml. Don't you find it a waste of money to spend on something you just throw away when water is almost free? Save those pennies and head on to your kitchen and bathroom and mix your own makeup remover formula.

Old woman transform to a 26 year old lady with magic water

I was making some trial makeup and I thought i would try to turn myself to an old woman. Then I filmed me removing the makeup which turns out just like an old woman miraculously turns young after using a magic water.

My Current Daily Foundation Routine

Makeup has almost become a necessity to me whenever I go out. For a day to day basis, it has to be done quickly yet very well. Of course, makeup starts with a foundation base and in this post, I show  you how I do my current daily foundation routine.

How to Lighten Eyebrows Instantly with Dolly Wink Brow Mascara

Do you have a light or blonde hair? Or are you a cosplayer who wears wig  yet your eyebrows do not match them? Read on below to know how to instantly lighten your eyebrows.