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Split Shadows Effect

Do you sometimes kinda get bored with your everyday makeup look? Like you just sweep on your nude or brown eye shadow, blend then apply eyeliner? I kinda do sometimes. So I was playing around and tried some sort of a fun look wearable for daytime or nighttime. So I kinda gave my daily neutral look or smokey brown makeup with a twist and a bit of a drama and effect.
I call this eye makeup look, the Split shadow Effect. It's basically a smokey eye makeup but the eyeliner tails don't meet but intead split in parallel lines.
Firstly, I just do the usual neutral eye makeup look. I applied a

Last Minute Costume Play Makeup Look: Masquerade Mask

Preparing a costume party might be an added burden to some. Others may not have the time for it, too. So, here's a last minute makeup look you can easily pull off within a few minutes with a few materials and no props or accessories needed. This post will be how to do a masquerade mask right on your face.

Some may say just buy a mask from the craft store and that's it. But, where's the thrill to that? If you opt, you can

A MAGster for the YOUNGster

The sky is blue, the breeze is cool, and the whole stretch of the Phnom Penh riverside view is alluring. Handsome young boys and beautiful girls in their trendy and stylish attires are everywhere. A large back drop of the magazine is on one side and people take turns for photo taking. Thirst quenching drinks and yummy colorful cupcakes are being served to the guests and participants. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon (18th October) at

My First Flormar Cosmetics Haul

Flormar Cosmetics recently opened their store here in the Kingdom and it is honestly my first time to hear about this brand. They have stores in the Philippines but I've never heard about it until I came here in Cambodia.

So because I am one makeup addict gal, I went on and made my first purchase from their store and here's what I got.

3 Simple Things (People Ignores) That Make Women Happy

There are just some points in life when we, women, feel crushed, squeezed, down and  drained. Relationship arguments and break ups, work related stress, and even our selves may cause us to break down and cry. However, no matter how big and destructive these storms are, we can pull our selves back together, stand up, fight back and start all over again. Recovering from a disaster doesn't require massive, complicated and hard to find solutions. These solutions are actually very common, just lying around and easy to find people just tend to ignore. FOOD, SHOPPING and RELATIONSHIPS may just be simple things but they

Quick Review: Missha Cambodia Current Makeup Collection

I have previously shared with you my current Missha Cosmetics skincare set. And now, I want to show you the makeup collection set from this same brand. Whenever I buy makeups from a brand, I usually purchase a complete set that includes items for the face, eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and lips. I am sort of a perfectionist maybe that I always want things to be complete and in order. So here are what I have got from Missha:

NYX Cosmetics Collection and Review

NYX cosmetics fills up about 50% of my makeup collection. It is one of the great quality beauty kits with reasonable prices that I have tried. They are budget friendly to consumers but don't sacrifice the quality. In this post, I am showing my current NYX Cosmetics makeup collection and what I generally think about them.
I have at least 2 or more products for each areas of the face from the cheeks to the eyes to lips. Most of the products here were bought by my own money and some were given by the generous NYX Cosmetics Cambodia during a makeup guesting event. Some of the items I bought from the Philippines and some were purchased from NYX Cambodia.
First photo up there are face products I love and use everyday. They are:

Quick Review: Missha Cosmetics Cambodia Skincare Collection

I have been obsessed to skin care products lately and after consuming my Etude House Moistful set, I had to get a new one. I didn't repurchase because I wanted to try another brand. And just when I was looking for what brand to choose, Missha Cambodia had a 50% promo sale. 

Here's another Korean Skincare and Cosmetics brand which may not be new to you, Missha. A complete Korean skincare regimen is composed of at least 8 products (I think) and completing that set would cost me a fortune. So I only chose the items I thought I needed. And here's the list: