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Seoul-ful Cosmetics Giveaway is having a giveaway! 
Prizes: One (1) Winner of these:
Skin79 Mini Lip Gloss
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Starter Kit
Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream (Thanks to KPop Collection!)
Etude House Dressing Room Shower Gel
3 x Assorted SkinFood Masks
4 x  Somang RedFlo Camellia Shampoo
2 x Dermal Mask Sheets
2 x Nature Republic Mask Sheets
SkinFood Magic Hair Pad
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Gift Set
2 x Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence
Click on the image above to direct you to the giveaway post.

Perfect Eyebrows with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow and Color my Brows

Grooming and doing the eyebrows in makeup is one crucial steps for the brows frame the eyes and can either make you look happy, sad, angry, confused or depending on how it looks. Here I show how I use Etude House brow products on myself.

Stella and Jahney Thank you and Collaboration Giveaway WINNERS

And our Collab giveaway has finally come to an end. We got a total of 1465 entries! Thank you to all participants. And stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.
Our Winner for the collab giveaway with Jahney are:
The first winner Shiela Mhay Tobias will receive theses prizes from me:

The second winner Krystel Jabonitalla will get these from Jahney:

Before I could have published this post, I already got the email from Shiela, which by the way she got the news from Jahney's blog who posted the winners early. And Ms Krystel Jabonitalla, please email Jahney your details to
Thank you so much everyone for joining. And for those who didn't win, don't worry we will be having more in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Giveaway by Skinfood Cleansing Travel Set from

Yeah it's raining giveaway! I am joining so I am inviting you too.

Beauty Bloggers United Giveaway 2 (CLOSED)

Anybody for a MASSIVE MASSIVE GIVEAWAY?! A dozen roses from Beauty Blogger's United have collaborated for a second humongous giveaway for you lovely readers. I'll have this intro short as usual because I know you are excited to see the prizes.

Beauty Cosmetics Brush Sets Collection Overview

Beauty Cosmetics brush sets are one of the most raved and talked about makeup brush sets by beauty bloggers and makeup gurus in the Philippines. Here I am showing my collection of their latest design and sets. I have the Sigma Inspired

KPop Inspired Makeup Look

Clean and clear skin, thick and straight brows and bright lips describe a KPop Star makeup look. Here, I have made my look inspired from simple and clean yet star quality look.

ResToeRun: Your Appetite for Shoes

ResToeRun, your appetite for shoes.
ResToeRun is a fashion footwear store that has a concept of a "restaurant". It is a one-stop shop for well engineered casual wear, fliplop sandals and sports inspired shoe-wears meant to last for a long time. It caters to the whole family from the young ones to the elderly as their saying goes "There's one for everyone at Restoerun".

Elizabeth Accessories Jewelry Haul #1

I like unusual jewelry designs and vintage styles do impress me. I have bought rings and a stack of ring bangles from

Human Heart Nature Haul #2

I have already ran out of my first bottle of my first Human Nature SkinCare  Hauland you can read my review on them HERE. Thus, I have purchased a new set, however, of a different variant. This time I bought The Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wasg and Face Toner. I have also included the 100% Natural Moisturizing Day Fluid and Night Cream. I purchased these from their outlet located at 3rd Floor, Abanao Square, Baguio City.

Sleek Makeup Contour Kit in Medium Swatches and Review

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Medium The Face Contour kit combines a dark matte pressed powder and an illuminating highlighter, in a handbag friendly mirror palette. Contour kit works to sculpt your features and has amazing slimming effects.  USD8.49 at

Jim's Retro Diner Take Two

A 50's Diner restaurant is a typical American eating place with a traditional 1960's retro ambiance and design that is common in the US. It basically serves Uncle Sam's signature foods like burgers, fries and club sandwiches. And did you know that Baguio City, Philippines has 50's diner restaurants, too?

One of them is Jim's Retro Diner. It is found at the left side entrance of La Azotea Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines. It is owned by Mr. James Sayang-od, a genuine cordilleran retro/vintage hobbyist who once dreamed of his own diner restaurant. His dream has finally operated on April 2011.