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Simple Gyaru Make up Look

I've been a fan of Japanese celebrities and trends lately from Jrock artists, to cosplay to anime. To show my appreciation with the Japanese trends, I made a simple gyaru makeup look and here's what I came up with.

Second Baguio Blog Conference

The father and mother of blog conference in the north, Baguio Blog Conference, is holding its second event.

SM City Baguio 3 Day Sale!

And the most awaited biggest sale event every year is here! SM 3 DAY SALE!!!!!!

Hairstyles with Accents and Petals

Accents and Petals is a Philippine based online store specialized in flowers, bouquets, accessories and the like made from recycled and reused wood and paper. They live up to their tag line "Accents and petals, where flowers last a lifetime". They cater to clients all around the globe.

Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup Routine

Here's a quick and easy everyday make up routine I do. This only requires less than 10 minutes yet makes you look fresh and clean to start the day. This is light and natural perfect for daytime for school or work. Nothing heavy and complicated.


I am disposing makeups I  no longer use. Some of this I bought due to impulse buying and because I just wanted to try them. So, some are still new and were swatched only. If you are interested, please message me directly on facebook:


Do-it-yourself Eyeshadow Primer

What is the trick to vibrant, long lasting and smudge proof eye makeup? Eyeshadow primers!

Eye primers are products used before applying any eye makeup. This creates a base for the eye shadow to stick on to. It also helps the eye makeup become more pigmented when applied and prevents it from getting messy. There are a lot of brands of eye shadow primers from famous and pricey ones like Urban Decay and Too faced Cosmetics. Affordable ones are also available from Elf. But did you know you can make your own at home and the result is just as fabulous as the high end ones? Please keep on reading how I made mine.

Organizing my Makeup Kit

Sometimes I get a little obsessive with my makeup kit specially that I am a makeup artist. I want my babies to be organized, and sometimes even want them to be uniformed so I tend to purchase a lot of products with similar and cute packaging. I was browsing the photos of one of the many professional makeup artist and it was cute how she organized her kits by using clear pouches. 

Nicole Scherzinger Boomerang Inspired Hair, Makeup and Attire

Finally! After many many months of being absent in YT, here's a new video from me!
I love Nicole Scherzinger so much. Her taste of fashion is independent and feminine yet with a rocker touch. She's a very good singer and dancer as well! Here's my inspired look of her from latest single Boomerang. This look is the one she wore with a pink leather jacket with gloves paired with a bouffant hairstyle with hot pink lipstick.

Here's the inspirational video:

Sumo Sam Baguio Grand Opening

The privilege of being a blogger, I was invited to another restaurant review and yep, as the title states, Sumo Sam Baguio. Sumo Sam Baguio is located at Ayala Technohub, Camp Johnhay, Baguio City. They started operating in Baguio around February but had their grand opening last April 5.
Sumo Sam is a famous Japanese restaurant chain owned by actor and entrepreneur Marvin Agustin.  It opened it first store in 2005 and now getting ready for their 30th. 

Summer 2013 Giveaway CLOSED

First SUMMER 2013 GIVEAWAY from me! YAY!
I am happy to finally launch a blog giveaway. Yahoo! First time ever from me. (Except the one I have collaborated with some other beauty bloggers).  I don't know. I just feel like giving something back to people who read my blog and follow me. I don't have anything much to say because id on;t know what to say so let's just go ahead and check on the prizes.
One winner will get all these awesome items. Vanity mirror, a box (10 pairs) of full thick lashes, Tiffany Contact Lenses in Bella Black, Danni Gel liner in Black