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Dolly Wink Eyeliner Pen Swatches and Review

Dolly Wink is a Japanese Cosmetic brand by Japan's famous gyaru icon, Tsubasa Masukawa. Dolly Wink mainly ranges from circles lenses to false lashes that caters to the gyaru trend. From their collection, I was able to get a hand on their brow mascara and eyeliner pen. Read more to see what its like.

Sam's Glam Makeover

A few weeks ago, us girls of had a fun funshoot. As the makeup artist in the group, I dolled up the three ladies and took their awesome photos.

Don't lose the blogs you follow!

A lot lately, I have been seeing many posts online saying that blogger is shutting down on July 1st and that bloggers using Blogger should import to other sites or something. I was alarmed because I myself is using Blogger. However, I have searched online and guess what I found? Read on below.

Ciate Caviar Manicure Nail Art Dupe

The word 'caviar' pertains to the roe of large fish (such as sturgeon), which is common in culinary. However, in the beauty industry, caviar is known as the tiny beads applied on nails. As the definition shows, caviar is used to call the 'micro bead nail art' because it resembles the mass of eggs fish organisms. Caviar nails was first introduced by Ciate, if I'm not wrong. It was a blast and became famous among beauty and fashion enthusiasts despite its expensive price. Then later on, other brands and companies released their on caviar nails at affordable and reasonable prices. One of the many dupes is Charm Limit, which I am going to show on this blogpost. Read on to know about this.

Beauty Crafts by Kiran x Genzel Kisses Giveaway


Makeup Academy £1 Lipsticks Swatches and Reviews

Makeup Academy for sure is a best selling makeup brand. With their quality makeups' price range of GBP1 and up, more so they keep adding new items every now then, no doubt people craze with each of their must have makeup product. One of their  super affordable cosmetic item is their 1 pound lipsticks. I have purchased about 8 of them and read on below to see what I have and what I think about them.

Four Looks with One Palette: Collaboration with HeyItsPiaNicole

With one eyeshadow palette, countless makeup looks can be created. In this post, I have collaborated with a budding youtube makeup guru heyitspianicole. Read on below on how we used one makeup palette in 4 different ways.

How to Reveal Youthful and Glowing Skin: Basic Facial Scrub Recipe

Facial exfoliation or facial scrubbing removes dead skin cells and reveals young and new cells underneath. This is one cheap or even free way to expose youthful and glowing skin. Read on below to know more about this step that can be incorporated in your basic skin care routine.

Reblog: My Lucid Intervals' Huge Anniversary Giveaway (A Thankful Treat to My Readers)

My Lucid Intervals is having a giveaway! This is to give thanks to all her readers and supports and also to celebrate her blog's 5th anniversary. Check out the so many many many prizes below:

Fierce Vampy Night Out Makeup Look

Here's a new video from me. A demonstration of a fierce, vampy makeup look for the night perfect for clubbing or party. The eyes are bold and strong and the lips are intense and dark. Read on below to see the products used and where I used them. Also, get to know a new makeup trick I learned from Pearypie.

tokki-autumn Giveaway: First Monthiversary/TY 50+ Followers ♥

Tokki-autumn is having a giveaway! Check out the prizes below:

Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder Swatches and Review

I am a lover of Sleek Makeup products and you know that if you have been following my blog. Here's another good product from them. Their Sleek Makeup Creme to Powder makeup base is another must have in my kit. Find out why below.

The Face Shop Face It Smart Capsule Color Control Cream Overview and First Impression

As previously posted, I've been to The Face Shop recently and bought the latest in the cream craze, CC Cream. The Face Shop offers two kinds of CC Creams, the Aura CC Cream and the Smart Capsule CC Cream. I was so torn between the two as which of them should I pick. I tested both of them on my face each product on each side. I walked around the shop for a few minutes and then waited for them to set. And I eventually decided to take the Smart Capsule Color Control one. Read on below to see an overview of this product.

The Face Shop

The Face Shop is another beauty and skincare store which originated from Korea alike Etude House and The Body Shop. It recently opened its Baguio branch located at the Upper Ground Level of SM Baguio on March 2013. Read more to know what's in this store.

Makeup Academy Goes Fashionista

Makeup Academy is growing really big! This time the company have bought Fashionista, a superdrug cosmetics company in the UK. Read on below about the news.

Back To School June 2013 Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Thank you to everyone who joined! The winner is now picked and I have emailed you. Please respond until Sunday night (June 23) so I can send your prizes. To those who didn't win, don't worry, I will be throwing some more in the future. I am currently waiting for the prizes to be delivered. Again thank you so much for supporting this giveaway!

And school days has just started. To make this season exciting, I am throwing a back to school giveaway! Read on below to see the prizes and mechanics.

Beauty Cosmetics Chelsy Makeup Brush Set Review

Finally, I am posting my own review for the Beauty Cosmetics Chelsy Makeup Brush Set. If you have been following me, you'll notice I already have a collection of this brand's brush products. It's because they are good quality ones, you can never let go plus the reasonable price and good service from the seller. Although, many bloggers and makeup artists have already reviewed this product, read on below to get another recommendation/confirmation to purchase this baby.

How to Achieve Flawless Skin: Basic Skincare Routine

For sure everybody wants flawless beautiful skin. But what is the secret to that? Expensive beauty products? Dermatological treatments? Genes? These are only a few of the many means and factors but don't you know there's an easy, inexpensive and almost free way to achieve beautiful skin that you and anybody else can do? Read on below about this.

Bronze Makeup for Everyday

Here's a simple and easy look I did using the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip Palette in Nude eyes. I love accentuating the eyes with shimmer and leaving the rest of the face matte. Read on below for more info about this look.

Look Beauty Double Hit Lip Lipstick + Lipgloss Swatches and Review

Look Beauty is a UK based makeup brand affiliate for Look Magazine, Britain's best selling beauty and fashion magazine. Look Beauty is now getting well known in the Philippines and many makeup stores are now selling this brand. With the beautiful packaging and very pigmented swatches I see online, I shelled out some peso for the Double Hit Lip Lipstick and lipgloss duo. Read on below to know what I think about these.