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A Refreshing Fruit Soap You Must Try: Hataya Passion Fruit Soap

We can never deny the joy and relaxation we feel right after we take a cool or warm shower after a long, tiring and stressful day at work. Not only that shower washes off dirt, dust and sweat from our body, it also provides mental/psychological benefits like relieving anxiety, de-stressing and relaxing our tense muscles. I used to just take a normal shower after work to freshen myself up BUT after I used this certain product, I realized that choosing the right soap for a really relaxing shower also MATTERS. I got introduced Hataya Passion Fruit Soap by a friend and since then, it amped up my relaxation and destressing method.

Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

Cleansing is an essential part of skin care. It is mandatory to remove and cleanse off all dust, oil and makeup junks from our face everyday to let our skin breathe and prevent break outs. Cleansing products vary from soaps, creams, gels, foams to oil. However, some cleansing products do cause break outs, too specially with people who have sensitive skin. Personally, my skin doesn't just want any oil based products. They clog pores, thus causing pimples and acne. Good thing here's a very efficient cleansing products WITHOUT THE OIL. Gently and effectively takes off all dirt and even the most waterproof eyeliner or mascara without causing skin irritation and break out. Get to know Troiareuke ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing.

The Liner that'll bring the sparkle back to your eyes: Belov's Sugarbox Graffiti Glitter Liquid Liner

Glitters can never be taken away from girls and ladies. Everything that shimmers are girls best friends, just as with diamonds. A pair of unhappy and dull eyes can be instantly transformed to ecstatic and ravished  gleaming eyes with just a glitter liner. Belov's Sugar Box Graffiti Liquid Liner is the product that'll bring the sparkle back to your eyes.

A Lip Gloss that performs like a Lip Cream: Belov's Sugar Box Lip Gloss

Earth inspired hues are out and about for this year 2016's makeup trend. Nude to brown lip colors are seen every where in the runways, magazines, celebrities and makeup sites and stores. Sugar Box by Belov wouldn't let their collection be left behind with this juicy and creamy lip gloss but I consider it a lip cream.

The Mascara that'll Spread your Lashes to the Max: Spread to the Max Mascara by Sugar Box Belov

It's such a pain for most Asian women to have short and thin lashes. I myself envy other girls with long, thick and curly lashes that I obviously do not possess. Wearing false lashes all the time may become inconvenient with all the trimming and gluing and retouching every time. Lash extensions maybe the longest and easiest solution but could be painful in the pocket. But, worry not my fellow ladies who aim for flattering lashes for here's an easy solution to our common problem.

Sugar Box Brow Pencil for Wow Brows

Eyebrows frame the face and it should be well groomed and shaded for a neat and pleasant look. Sugar Box by Belove created lovely brow pencils to transform our brows from bad to fab. Here's why this brow pencil is my first choice over brow powders. 

A Trick to Naturally Blushing Cheeks: Sugarbox Face Blush Stick by Belov

Cream blushes create glowing cheek colors like they radiate right beneath from your skin. That's why I prefer this over powder blushes when I go for healthy and fresh looking makeup. Also one thing I love about cream blushes is that they can be multipurpose. They're not just blushers, but lip tints and or eye primers as well. Belove's Sugar Box face Blush Stick is one of my current favorites and most reached item everyday.

Soho Graffiti Eyeshadow by Belov Swatches and Review

Diamonds create the impression of class and elegance in a woman. Just as Soho Graffiti Sugar Box by Belov glitter eye shadow highlights a girls windows to the soul. This palette has 8 beautiful shimmery eye shadows that  that can be strategically used for daytime or stand out for a prom or party makeup. 

The Cushion makeup that Heals: H+ Healing Cushion Overview and Impression

Makeup is about beauty and aesthetic as seen by our eyes. It is about the glory of displaying perfection at its best, which also mean concealing what is not considered beautiful. However, according to MK Universal, Co, makeup is not about covering. It is all about HEALING. Because of this, they have spent about a year in research and science to find the right texture and right material to produce a cushion makeup that's not only about beauty but as well as "healing" or "regeneration".