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Sleek Makeup Haul November 2012

Yes, I believe I am obsessed with Sleek makeup.  Their products are awesome with reasonable prices. And here's another haul I got before this year ends. Here I got a Sleek i-Divine PPQ Shangri-la Collection in Respect Palette with the Truly Mattely Deeply matte lipgloss in Jazz. I am in search of a good foundation and I wanted to try this new product from Sleek, the Base Duo Kit. All were purchased directly from

2nd Google Business Group Baguio Meetup and Google Plus Workshop

This post is way too late the 3rd Google Business Group Baguio Meetup already came and went last Dec 1 (which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend to due to makeup bookings). Anyway, this post is about my first experience attending the GBG Baguio Meetup.

MUA Mosaic Bronzer in Sunkissed Glow Swatches and Review

Makeup Academy Professional Mosaic Bronzer on Sunkissed Glow. £2.50 "Oh my. How beautiful are these? Our Mosaic Bronzers come in two different shades, a more golden tone and one with pink undertones. They contain four different shades so when you swirl your brush around in them you get an overall multi-tonal look that brings out the natural tone in your skin. Use a small amount for a natural sun-kissed look or build up the look for a dramatic contour.

Seoul-ful Cosmetics Giveaway is having a giveaway! 
Prizes: One (1) Winner of these:
Skin79 Mini Lip Gloss
Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Starter Kit
Skin79 VIP Gold Super BB Cream (Thanks to KPop Collection!)
Etude House Dressing Room Shower Gel
3 x Assorted SkinFood Masks
4 x  Somang RedFlo Camellia Shampoo
2 x Dermal Mask Sheets
2 x Nature Republic Mask Sheets
SkinFood Magic Hair Pad
SkinFood Gold Kiwi Gift Set
2 x Innisfree Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence
Click on the image above to direct you to the giveaway post.

Perfect Eyebrows with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow and Color my Brows

Grooming and doing the eyebrows in makeup is one crucial steps for the brows frame the eyes and can either make you look happy, sad, angry, confused or depending on how it looks. Here I show how I use Etude House brow products on myself.

Stella and Jahney Thank you and Collaboration Giveaway WINNERS

And our Collab giveaway has finally come to an end. We got a total of 1465 entries! Thank you to all participants. And stay tuned for more giveaways in the future.
Our Winner for the collab giveaway with Jahney are:
The first winner Shiela Mhay Tobias will receive theses prizes from me:

The second winner Krystel Jabonitalla will get these from Jahney:

Before I could have published this post, I already got the email from Shiela, which by the way she got the news from Jahney's blog who posted the winners early. And Ms Krystel Jabonitalla, please email Jahney your details to
Thank you so much everyone for joining. And for those who didn't win, don't worry we will be having more in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Giveaway by Skinfood Cleansing Travel Set from

Yeah it's raining giveaway! I am joining so I am inviting you too.

Beauty Bloggers United Giveaway 2 (CLOSED)

Anybody for a MASSIVE MASSIVE GIVEAWAY?! A dozen roses from Beauty Blogger's United have collaborated for a second humongous giveaway for you lovely readers. I'll have this intro short as usual because I know you are excited to see the prizes.

Beauty Cosmetics Brush Sets Collection Overview

Beauty Cosmetics brush sets are one of the most raved and talked about makeup brush sets by beauty bloggers and makeup gurus in the Philippines. Here I am showing my collection of their latest design and sets. I have the Sigma Inspired

KPop Inspired Makeup Look

Clean and clear skin, thick and straight brows and bright lips describe a KPop Star makeup look. Here, I have made my look inspired from simple and clean yet star quality look.

ResToeRun: Your Appetite for Shoes

ResToeRun, your appetite for shoes.
ResToeRun is a fashion footwear store that has a concept of a "restaurant". It is a one-stop shop for well engineered casual wear, fliplop sandals and sports inspired shoe-wears meant to last for a long time. It caters to the whole family from the young ones to the elderly as their saying goes "There's one for everyone at Restoerun".

Elizabeth Accessories Jewelry Haul #1

I like unusual jewelry designs and vintage styles do impress me. I have bought rings and a stack of ring bangles from

Human Heart Nature Haul #2

I have already ran out of my first bottle of my first Human Nature SkinCare  Hauland you can read my review on them HERE. Thus, I have purchased a new set, however, of a different variant. This time I bought The Human Nature Nourishing Facial Wasg and Face Toner. I have also included the 100% Natural Moisturizing Day Fluid and Night Cream. I purchased these from their outlet located at 3rd Floor, Abanao Square, Baguio City.

Sleek Makeup Contour Kit in Medium Swatches and Review

Sleek Makeup Face Contour Kit in Medium The Face Contour kit combines a dark matte pressed powder and an illuminating highlighter, in a handbag friendly mirror palette. Contour kit works to sculpt your features and has amazing slimming effects.  USD8.49 at

Jim's Retro Diner Take Two

A 50's Diner restaurant is a typical American eating place with a traditional 1960's retro ambiance and design that is common in the US. It basically serves Uncle Sam's signature foods like burgers, fries and club sandwiches. And did you know that Baguio City, Philippines has 50's diner restaurants, too?

One of them is Jim's Retro Diner. It is found at the left side entrance of La Azotea Building, Upper Session Road, Baguio City, Philippines. It is owned by Mr. James Sayang-od, a genuine cordilleran retro/vintage hobbyist who once dreamed of his own diner restaurant. His dream has finally operated on April 2011.

Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Face Toner

Skincare Talk: Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash and Face Toner I believe I have mentioned before about my hunt for a good skincare set of products. I have shown you my Human Nature Skin Care Haul in a previous post and I have been using them for 2 months now. I have almost consumed all products and its now time to review them. In this post, I will be talking about the Balancing Facial Wash and the Face Toner.

Encara BB Cream Review

Encara Perfect Cover Blemish Balm Review Encara Perfect Cover Blemish Balm is the latest foundation/BB cream craze among bloggers and online shoppers in the Philippines. It is a cosmetic/makeup product from Korea manufactured Woosin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. It was first introduced in the Philippines by freelance makeup artist and blogger Aila Apolo of Makeup and my World. I purchased it for Php499 shipping excluded (1 tube is 50g).

LTSB Photoshoot: Thea Llamido

and yet another creative/glamour photoshoot

Here's my latest project with the La Trinidad Shutterbugs. As the group's official makeup artist, together with the other admins and members, we wanted to do something uncommon and unusual.We wanted to go beyond the casual, glamour and fashion themed photoshoot/pictorial so we decided to go all out with the production from props, to costume to makeup and styling.

Jim's Retro Diner 1: Model and Food Photography

Jim's Retro Diner Model and Food Photography

Jim's Retro Diner is a 1950's retro themed restaurant based in Upper Session Road, Baguio City who serves humongous food burgers to large club sandwiches. They also serve other food snacks like fries, pasta dishes, rice meals, ice cream, fruit shakes and many more.

Stella and Jahney Thank you and Collaboration Giveaway (CLOSED)

A Thank You and Collaboration Giveaway!

It is finally up! This is my way of saying thank you my readers for helping me get over 50,000 total views. Also, to make it more fun, Jahney of has collaborated with me! That means, more prizes, more winners! Yay!

SHOP FEATURED: Karen Cabotaje

Karen Cabotaje Cosmetics

Karen Cabotaje is a Baguio-based online seller of a lot of useful items from cosmetics, to clothes, to kitchenware and many more. 
She originally sold cosmetics like Benefit, Excel Lip cremes and Singapore Mac with only an initial capital of Php1500. From a very humble beginning, her shop now grown to various products catering not only to beauty addicts but almost  to everyone. Today, she has expanded to fashion wares from blouses, shirts, shoes and bags. She also have kitchen utensils like automatic can openers, food storage wares, and others. 
Ms. Cabotaje uses her personal name as her shop's name to avoid the doubt of being a scammer. Discounts are given for bulk orders and freebies to regular clients.
Check out her facebook shop now: KAREN CABOTAJE

Beggang Resto Grill

Beggang Resto Grill
Beggang Resto Grill is a restaurant who specializes in different meat recipes. It is located right across The Athletic Bowl, Burnham Park, Baguio City. This restaurant review is my first food review event with fellow Baguio bloggers and I am happy and honored to have been invited to join them. ^_^

SHOP FEATURED: CountessHenri Glamshoppe

CountessHenri Glamshoppe

CountessHenri is a Baguio based online seller of different contact lens brands from Geo, Sparkle, Tiffany, etc. She sells in retail and wholesale as well. Aside from lenses, she also has kanekalon wigs, bags, and other fashion accessories.  She caters to nationwide buyers. 

SHOP FEATURED: Love Dominique

Love Dominique by Maia Love

"The shop was born in 2009 as an alternate to my other online shop, Chiques Empire. My plan initially was to sell new products for this shop as the Chiques Empire was created for my pre-loved items. The shop fared well considering the booming online shops in Baguio. I have catered clients as far as Canada and Italy. My goal as it has been from the start was to provide the most convenient way to shop from your homes with pleasure. "

The Forest Lodge Experience: The Twist Breakfast

The Twist Breakfast

And of course, The Forest Lodge experience would not be complete without a meal. Our breakfast was served by "The Twist" Restaurant. 

The Forest Lodge Experience: "Apartment" Room

Comfy bed, yeah?

And here's the continuation of my The Forest Lodge Experience, a hotel review. This post shows the room or say, apartment-like room, we stayed in overnight.

The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay Experience: Our Arrival

Welcome to The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay!

As a member of Cordillera Bloggers, I was privileged to join the group to review Baguio's newest and  superb lodge and hotel. We arrived at the site past 3pm of the 10th of October, 2012. We had a quick tour of the place before we headed out for a food and restaurant review, which I will be blogging about after this.

ABS-CBN Northern Luzon Naimbag nga Morning Kapamilya

On September 25 at around 2pm, I had a makeup interview and demo with Ms. Angelyn Valencia of ABS-CBN TV3 Baguio. We talked about how we can make money from make up services. She asked me a little about my background, how I started, how much can we earn from makeup. I also showed her some of my kits and of course a makeup demo.
Here are some BTS photos taken by my friend.

MUA Mosaic Blush in Royal Rose Swatches and Review

MUA Mosaic Blush in Royal Rose

Okay, this review is sort of super duper overdue and I have to really finish it now. I got this MUA Mosaic blush in Royal Rose from for GBP2.50.

Sleek Makeup Haul September 2012

Truly, a girl can never have enough makeup. Makeup shopping would never end. Here's another Sleek Makeup Haul for the nth time.

And here are the things I got from all the way from UK to Philly. I just love Sleek make up products. maybe there'll come a time I am going to complete a collection of it.

Starting my Photography Journey

The art of photography

As a makeup artist, I have been working with models and photographers. Working behind the scenes is a fantastic job and feels great when the results have come out. Being in the glamour industry, I wanted to do more aside from makeup. Other things that I know I would enjoy doing. So, additional to maquillagistry, I sometimes create and designs props and accessories, and also costumes and gowns. Working with photographers most of the time, I now want to be one of them. 

High Mountain Makeup Gig

Okay, so, I would like to give a brief story behind these Cordilleran beauties. Our photography group La Trinidad Shutterbugs came up with a hiking event at Mt. Jumbo, Tawang, La Trinidad, Benguet. Last September 8, Saturday, we gathered at our town's municipal hall at 3:30 am and departed at 4am. (Yeah that early and it was still dark.) We started to walk around 4:30am and arrived at the top quarter past 5am. We had to be this early to catch the sunrise. And so yeah. We took sunrise photos, our native Cordilleran beauty theme and some behind the scenes apparently.

It was so windy and the sun was very bright. Some of our companions were already taking their own shots while I dolled up the models. I had no decent makeup BTS so just carefully look at me at the background of these photos. Haha!

MUA Lipstick

MUA Makeup Academy £1 Lip Gloss in Shade 1 and 3

Makeup Academy says:  With four gorgeous shades and one clear lip gloss to choose from, how will you pick which shade is right for you? MUA's Lip Gloss is just £1, so even buying all five wont break the bank! They're perfect for a swish of colour without the full pigmentation of a Lipstick if you're not sure about what colour to wear. They're a high gloss finish with sparkly glitter inside and they bring a luscious look to your lips! They're moisturising and soft, so no need to worry if it's winter or summer! Your MUA Lip Gloss will be your new best friend. Aww.
MUA Lip Gloss is Shade 3.

Has a smooth sponge tip applicator.

A fresh swatch on my hand. It appears as a thick hot pink in the it's tube but the swatch becomes a faint pink color.

Shade No. 1. It's  a clear gloss with a gold sheen beneath it.

Look at how gorgeous the swatch is. Sort of a clear milky shade with very tiny specks of gold.
1. Smell so yummylicious! I love the smell. It is like …

Makeup Academy New Nail Constellation 3D Nail Art

I am excited for makeup academy's new product NAIL CONSTELLATION! It is a new trend in nail art which is 3 dimensional. I have first heard of Ciate's Caviar Manicure which was really intriguing. However, the price was a downer. £18.00 for me is ridiculous for a nail set which would only chip away in a few days. But, GOOD NEWS! MUA has now revealed their new product which I am excited about. (I know said that twice now.) They will be available online and at Superdrugs (in the UK) on September 26.
(Photo credits to reports:
"MUA’s amazing NEW Nail Constellation inspired by the patterns formed into stars in the earth's night sky is a 3-dimensional extravagant nail art system you can create easily from home that leave your nails looking ‘wow!’.
These Constellation beads have a beautiful shine to them in five amazing space theme colours. They are easy to use and with them you can create many different designs. Supplied in a …

Human Nature, Marionnaud, Ever Bilena Haul

So, I've been to the city malls again last weekend. I had a prewedding/trial makeup last Saturday and decided to window shop which ended haul shopping. 

Organic consumable products from food supplements to cosmetics are becoming well known and I have been hearing and reading a lot of good things about Human Natureproducts which claims they are 100% chemical free. Natural and organic products are obviously waaaay better then artificial and chemical ones. As a person starting to get OC and oh so naturalistic (about the environment, health and everything), I got a set of organic skin care products from Human Nature.

And along with it, I got some items I miss in my kit, a marionnaud brow brush and my all time favourite  EverBilena single blush in Amethyst.
 Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash Elemi & Orange Oily & Combination Skin 50 ml Php79.75

Human Nature Balancing Toner Elemi & Orange Oily & Combination Skin 100ml Php99.75

Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub 50ml P…